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Power Of Paulie Meeting Today – Veto, I mean Veto

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I mentioned it briefly in my thread yesterday, but let me talk a little more on Victor’s nomination speech. What in the hell was that mess? The fact that his speech was supposed to be a poem was the most innocent part of it, and even that was a pretty big failure. Let me talk about the irony of his situation right now.  Since returning to the house, he has not stopped talking about how he felt humiliated by Natalie for saying how poorly he treats women during her goodbye message. So, what does he do when he wins HoH?  Nominates Natalie and respectfully tells her he is still upset at her comments during eviction?  No. He mentions how he’s bitter that he only received 1 vote to stay, then nominates two random women in the house with some of the most bizarre reasoning I’ve heard to date.

Not only did he give them a dumb reason… Z because she doesn’t show Victor enough attention **WTF**, and Michelle because she picked the wrong day to be mad??  Then, he tosses beads at them like they’re girls at a mardi gras parade looking to flash him. You want to prove you’re not a dickhead to women?  That was pretty much the complete opposite of how to handle it. But, good job, Mr CEO. The only thing you left out was to call them ‘toots’ and smack them each on the ass after the meeting.  What a mess this house is.


Blog note – I have been stalling to look up the actual date/time of my flight because I’m nervous. Yes, I flew last year, but that may as well have been a lifetime ago. Anyway, the best I can do is make a morning post and then I’m off for a week. Amy is also done mornings at the end of this weekend, which means I’ll have a new overnight person moving forward, and a replacement for me for a week. While the replacements are set for the most part, if anyone wants to write, let me know. The daytime blogging is a long, long day, so I’d like to possibly have a few people switching off to prevent any burnout. If you’re interested in help covering next week, please contact me here. I will absolutely need someone to cover the live show and possible post-show feeds on Thursday night, so I need backup options in the event a writer is busy that night.

Also, thank you again to those who have donated for my trip! If you’re interested in donating, my link is hereYou guys are the best!


Ok, updates:

  • 10:30am – Most of the girls are up and getting ready in the bathroom. Natalie is talking about her boob job and how she likes them but sometimes misses the way they were.
    • Also, back to the Michelle and Z thing. I trash on Michelle a lot because she is one of the ‘mean girls’ in the house, but even she didn’t deserve to be shit on the way Victor did during the nomination speech. Especially considering she has been pretty friendly with him since his return. She’s actually been less mean in general since her crush/jealousy walked out the door (Frank).
    • I still cringe every time she calls herself a ‘superfan’, however.. but I do that whenever anyone calls themself that.
  • 11:35am – Feeds back. Everyone is acting a bit weird. I guess Nicole got shut down for saying something
    • Veto not used.  Paulie is such a romantic.
    • Breaking News: Michelle is NOT crying!
    • “Thank you for screwing me over. Here is a hug to show I’m not upset at all for you being an asshole to me!”
    • Meanwhile, Paul is outside talking to Michelle playing dumb, yet again. “I didn’t know, I really didn’t know”… at some point people will realize Paul DID know because every one of his allies have made moves, yet he doesn’t know anything going on? Please
    • “Superfan” tells Paul that he is safe, Victor is safe and even Bridgette is safe if she wins double evic. She wants to make a big move but won’t say who she’ll nominate (Paulie). They talk for a bit and she tells him even more. Her plan is to appeal to Victor’s competitive side by mentioning how Paulie has won 50% of the HoH competitions he has played in. Victor is priding himself on his comp count.  But, she tells Paul not to tell Paulie. I’m sure he won’t *wink*
  • 12:00pm – Paul already meets up with Paulie….
    • Paul instantly starts telling Paulie what Michelle told her (haha).  First thing he tells him is how Michelle has a big target to put up
    • Paulie assumes it’s Vic and him, but Paul says ‘no, I think it’s James’.  Paulie still thinks it means him (it probably does)
    • The two sit and discuss who to send home, they’re going to bounce back and forth for awhile.
  • 3:00pm – Ran out to hit the driving range beca use the house is slow. Breaking news: It’s still slow.
    • A few cooking in the kitchen, while Nicole is in the bathroom
    • Outside, Natalie is talking to James, and I get the feeling she’s slowly working him into the friendzone as she knows the season is drawing to a close
    • natalie
      Meg 2.0
    • So, James is basically repeating last season
    • It is painful listening to them talk now. She is talking about how she wants to get an apt of her own, and he jokes how she needs to leave some closet space for him. She shoots it right down
  • 3:30pm – Nicole comes out and Natalie is telling her how she thinks she gained 15lbs since entering the house.
    • Nicole says there is no way she gained 15lbs on her little body in a month
    • Corey and Victor come out and start talking to Nicole. They’re trying to figure out who to evict this week, and it really sounds like a coin flip. None of them care, but they do say Z is a complete non-threat, and even if she won, Paulie would control her (they’re right. It’s stupid not to get out Michelle right now. She may not be as smart as Steve or Ian, but she is still intelligent and will start winning more as the trivia comps come out)
    • King Paulie comes out to give the word…..
    • Paulie says it’s pretty obvious who he wants gone after someone today (Michelle) brought out statistics during the veto meeting to show how dangerous he is.  They all start laughing.  Hahahaha.. oh Paulie, it is hilarious how you run the house!
    • So this is what we have here. The ‘superfan’ recognized Paulie as the strongest player in the house and decided to publicly call him out during the veto meeting while she is on the block. Then, instead of the rest of the house using Michelle’s martyrdom to go after that big threat, they all kiss his ass and tell him they’re going to vote out Michelle for those comments.   This is Big Brother 18, folks
  • 3:50pm – Paulie mentions how their ‘all-guy’ alliance started off as a joke by someone who called it “The Advancement”, but has actually turned into a real thing (just with a different name). What will be funny is when they find out that Michelle is the person who created that fake alliance.
  • 5:00pm – Went to get some coffee.. Feed check
    • Paulie is outside talking to Bridgette and Natalie, while Paul and Victor are chatting in the HoH room
    • Victor tells Paul that it looks like Michelle is going home. Victor is saying how King Paulie is still pissed about being called out
    • Paul says it’s bullshit because he bit the bullet last week and got Da’ out
    • Victor agrees because he was cool with Michelle, and she wasn’t coming after him.  But, gotta do what Paulie wants.
    • Victor is shocked how they think Michelle is the better player. Both of them think Z is.  (No, Michelle is, by far.  Z is under protection of Paulie which makes her dangerous, but Michelle is by FAR the better player)
    • Vic is scared because all of these pairs are making it far in the game. Paul is likely thinking inside his head “yea, they have pairs, but I am with PP!! So I am not worried”  Enjoy second place, Paul
    • Paul leaves to ‘go talk to someone’
  • 5:12pm – Paul pulls Paulie into the safari room…
    • They have a brief discussion about Paulie’s decision to pick Michelle, but after a bit of talking, they’re going to ‘get the board together’ so they can finalize who goes home. Oh, so exciting!
    • Talk broke up, Paul went outside to join Z, Nat, and Bridgette talking. The other cam in the HN room watching people sleep
  • 6:00pm – Whispers are done for now, it’s just playtime in the house.
    • bridg-paul-james
  • 7:20pm – Not much going on right now. Paul is outside just chatting casually with Z.  Others inside hanging around table
    • They talk about Natalie’s fake boobs.
  • 8:15pm – Nicole is chatting with Corey and wondering if she should tell Z that Paul wants her out (she overheard him talking)
  • 8:42pm – Nicole is telling Z about the Paul thing, and says that they need to put him up next to Victor during a double eviction
    • nicole-z
  • 10:30pm – Amy has been sick, so I am not sure she’ll be doing an overnight tomorrow. I’ll try to blog as long as my eyes stay open
    • Paulie joins Nicole on the hammock. She tells him she spoke with Z
    • Paulie’s reaction when Nicole lets him know that his alliance member Paul wants Z out
    • Those few seconds after she told him, I’m pretty sure Christian Bale from American Psycho would be scared of the look he gave her
    • After some back and forth talking, Paulie tells Nicole about how Michelle is going after him, etc, etc.
    • He also said she’s sure she has 2 votes
    • The talk breaks up when more come out, so now they’re playing pool, etc
  • 11:30pm – Nicole tells Corey how Bridgette may be trying to stir up the house by saying Michelle made a good point during the PoV meeting

Overnight in the morning if Amy is feeling well. Send her good vibes

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