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Random Off-Season Ramblings

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Seeing as I need to warm up my blogging skills before Big Brother 18 after my winter hiatus, I figured I’d do a random post with some thoughts about (mostly) TV this winter.  It also gives me something to do as I’m procrastinating when I should be booking a trip to Disney. Yes, we’re going to Disney this season, so I’ll need to find a replacement for a week, but that will be in August when it happens. Last year’s trip to LA gave me the confidence to fly, but not enough apparently as I’m still nervous.  Oh well.

Speaking of LA, if you want to help try to send me back, be sure to subscribe to the live feeds through this link here. All you need to do is click on the link, and sign up.  However, now that I realize how nervous I am about flying again, maybe it’s better off if I don’t beg for feed sales! Just kidding.


On to the ramblings…

Survivor: Beauty vs Beauty vs Beauty – I start off with the show our boy Caleb was on, which honestly is the only reason I watched it this season. I used to be a hardcore Survivor nut (been watching on and off since season 1), but it does get pretty repetitive. The themes of the season have been replayed over and over as well, and this year we got another weird stereotype theme. When I saw Caleb was on the ‘beauty’ tribe despite being more jacked than most of the ‘brawn’ tribe, I realized it’s basically mostly beautiful people split into three different tribes and playing different roles.


The season was pretty entertaining on a whole, with a ton of blindsides and endurance competitions that made me wish they’d have live feeds set up around the island. About half the cast got medically pulled from the game, even someone during the home stretch. It was such an ironic twist for Joe to be pulled because he won a luxury competition, and ate himself sick. Especially considering the competition was something he had no business even coming close to winning. The only reason he won was because they set it up in a way where contestants were given a certain amount of balls to throw at a cornhole style game, and when they ran out, they had to wait for everyone else to throw theirs. Everyone had all 3 rounds of balls thrown before Joe even finished his first, and they basically took naps on the beach waiting for him to finish his 3 rounds. But, he won because of that. I guess the reality show gods punished him for winning a competition like that.


The Amazing Race: Promote Your Youtube Channel Edition – I usually enjoy TAR, and this season was no different. Sure, it has it’s stupid moments, but it’s always pretty damn well put together and it’s fun seeing new locations around the world. It’s also funny when  you see a team win like every round because you know they’re not going to win it all. That’s the reality show gods striking once again. Tyler/Corey and Brodie/Kurt won a combined 9 of 12 legs, yet one team didn’t even make the final 3, and the other finished last in the final leg. Then there were the bridesmaids of the show, the gamers, who finished in the top three in 7 out of their 11 legs (with 2nd place five times in a row!), but finished 4th and never had a chance for the final leg.

My favorite team was the mother and son, mostly because of their attitudes. They sucked throughout the entire show, yet remained in good spirits and were paid off with 2nd overall place (their highest finish all season). They also finished last both non-elimination legs, and managed to survive until the end. I’d like to say it was the reality show gods rewarding them for their attitudes, but that wouldn’t explain why Dana and Matt won it all considering they were obnoxious to watch all season long.



The Walking Cliffhanger – I need to put the disclaimer out there: I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. I’ve read all the comics, and the entire ‘Governor series’ of novels. That said, this season was pretty shitty. Not shitty as in unwatchable (although my wife did stop watching), but shitty compared to the standards it has set in the past. I take that back. The season where they walked the RR tracks all year long was brutal. This season was a masterpiece next to that one. But, the thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the entire group suddenly losing their moral compass and becoming just as bad (if not worse) than the Governor’s groups. The comic books made much more sense of the timeline with the Hilltop, Negan, etc. But, this season we basically had Rick head to the Hilltop, meet a few people and then become hired assassins for food. All based off the word of some random people that Negan’s group was evil. Is his group evil? Yes, they’re pretty lousy, but the show doesn’t do a very good job at showing that. All we see is a psychopath come back to the hilltop, stab the leader and nearly kill Rick. Yes, that’s a good enough reason to go sneak up on Negan in his sleep and slaughter a bunch of people.

Of course, Rick didn’t actually kill Negan. Instead, he just convinced good people like Glenn to murder random sleeping bandits. Of course he thought he killed Negan, but that was because he (again) just took the word of the Hilltop people and thought Negan’s group was much smaller than it really was. Good job doing your due diligence on gathering intel before putting the lives of  your group at stake. That’s just Rick being Rick, I suppose.  I will say one thing, in the comics, you felt bad for Rick’s group during the infamous first meeting with Negan.  In the show, I don’t blame Negan at all. I think Rick actually got off lightly by losing only one person in his group.

Who is that person?  We don’t know! Because Scott Gimple and crew loved the cliffhangers this season. Acting like Glenn was killed and then not even touching on that story for another 2-3 episodes. Then having someone get their head smashed in at the end of the season. Fun stuff. You know, I wasn’t going to watch the next season of TWD, but that cliffhanger is going to make me now (obvious sarcasm). The excuse was just as bad as having a cliffhanger in the first place.   “That was where the story was ending and the next story was beginning”.  Right, except for the fact that you left off the last 5 minutes of the story that was ending. The story of the season was Rick getting way too overconfident and then having that all come to an end while on his knees in front of Negan.  There is no reason to say the story can’t end with his reaction to the realization that he caused (insert someone)’s head to be caved in.

moving on…

Game Of Thrones – Show is still going on, so I’m not going to talk about it. I just wanted to say I absolutely love this show and this season has been fantastic.

American Horror Story Featuring Lady Gaga’s Butt – Another decent season. I really enjoyed the first two, but since they have just been something to watch. I will go out on a limb and say Gaga was indeed fantastic in her role, and she is surprisingly sexy under that meat dress of hers.


2016 Presidential Election – Started off entertaining, but that crazy primary season ended up giving us Trump vs Clinton. I’ll just stick with House of Cards and pretend that is real life.

Enough of my ramblings for now. I think I’ve procrastinated enough before buying those tickets.  Thanks for reading my garbage!

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