Sunday, August 9, 2020

Remaining Schedule For BBOTT



I can’t believe the season is already almost over. It was certainly something different than the summer season, and I hope they carry a bit of it over for the prime time seasons.

Jeff-less feeds – I love it and wish it would carry over, but it likely won’t. One thing ‘no scheduled downtime’ has created was a lot of awkward moments of standing around, or unpolished competition instructions, etc. Plus, the CBS episodes are still their bread and butter, and likely want people tuning in to be able to see the competitions play out. While it’s ‘bad’ enough that we know the winners, that is unavoidable. Not showing the comps forces us all to tune in and watch.

New Comps – I like how the competitions have been different this season, and some were downright cool. While the laser comp was a disaster because of the broken mirror, I think it was definitely one of the cooler comps I’ve seen. Big puzzles like that are fun to watch.  Hopefully they carry that stuff over and spice it up a bit for the summer. Kind of boring to see the same wall endurance competition every season.

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Better Cast – One thing this season was thankfully lacking was damn showmances. BB needs to learn from this and not be scared to cast real fans of any age and any relationship status.  This isn’t a dating show. I don’t want to watch Corey and Nicole cuddle all season, or James follow Meg or Natalie around like a lost puppy. That shit is boring.

America’s Involvement – I’m torn on this one. I originally liked the idea, but I think being able to nominate a person may be too much.  America casting a vote isn’t bad, voting on Havenots is nothing to me, but being co-hoh every single week is just too much power for fans.

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Alright, remaining schedule:

  • 11/20 – Final Safety Ceremony
  • 11/22 – Final Weekday Replay
  • 11/23 – Part one of the Final HoH competition begins
  • 11/24 – Thanksgiving
  • 11/25 – Final Live DR
  • 11/26 – Special Game Changing Ceremony (no details)
  • 11/29 – Final Full Episode Recap
  • 11/29 – Part two of the Final HoH competition 
  • 11/30 – Final Pleas to America
  • 12/01 – Live Finale
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I bolded the important ones.

So, Wednesday should feature the eviction which brings them down to the final 4.  They’ll likely start the 3-part HOH competition that night.  I have no clue what to expect on 11/26. I don’t see how ‘game changing’ something can be with 4 people remaining. Seeing as there is still the final HoH competition a few days later, it’s not an eviction. Perhaps the ceremony on 11/26 is some reward thing or special thing to secure maybe the winner of part one is guaranteed in the final 3 and won’t have to compete in the remaining parts of the HoH comp.

So that’s that.  We’ll be down to four in two days, and then a week later we’re done


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