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Return Of The Bridgette? Wednesday Live Feeds

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As Amy touched on during her overnight report, last night, the house had an intervention of sorts for Bridgette. Paul was the one who sat her down and told her things like Frank is actually campaigning against her when he said he wouldn’t. In addition to exaggerating what Frank has been doing, he spent the better part of the hour acting like he was a stereotypical interrogation officer. Like, not the kind you see in real interviews while watching ‘Dateline’ or ’48 Hours’, but the kind you see on movies.  He let her know that nobody in the house likes her or Frank, or her attitude, and really kept hammering points like that home while simultaneously playing ‘good cop’ by telling her she can trust and work with him.

It was really a bizarre situation, and pretty painful to watch, but I guess that was Paul’s version of ‘calling out Frank’ like he was threatening to do all day. Although, by the way he made it sound, Frank would actually be in the room when he ‘called him out’, but I guess cornering his ally and beating down her esteem was the same thing. Right?


Bridgette eventually chatted with Frank, and they seemed to have worked things out, but I think the damage has been done, and it doesn’t sound like it’s through. Just this morning, Natalie had a brief talk with Michelle in the bathroom, and they talked about how Bridgette was essentially crying in the corner last night not sure what to think. Natalie said she wanted to wait until Frank left before shitting all over him, but I guess they’ll have to do it early. It is indeed easier to shit on someone after they leave the house and can no longer defend what has been said.

I will be around all day covering anything that comes up, so stay tuned!


Also – People have been asking about a fall series of Big Brother. I am looking into those rumors, but right now there is more evidence than not that leads me to believe a show will happen in some form. It sounds like if it were to happen, it would be exclusively ‘All-Access’, a shorter season, and my guess would be a different ‘vibe’. Again, if it’s true, there is a different casting person, so we may actually see a different type of cast other than a house full of models mixed in with 1-2 “superfans” and 1-2 old farts like myself.

You can read more about it on Reality Blurred’s latest piece


  • 12:00pm – Everyone is sleeping other than Natalie who is cleaning the house a bit
  • 12:45pm – Natalie has finished cleaning and has moved on to exercizing. I am sure things will heat up, but more likely when the sun goes down (that is a stupid line, I know it)
  • 2:00pm – Natalie woke James up and has been talking about the situation in the house
    • Nat brings up how Bridgette didn’t get upset when Bronte was evicted. I am beginning to think Bridgette just doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeves. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t sad, she just doesn’t go around crying over everything.  Sorry, just kind of annoying people keep mentioning that like she is expected to melt down.
    • Nat mentions how she just liked being in an alliance with Bronte but never trusted Bridgette
    • James mentions how he he’s had hand issues since the endurance comp.  Dr. Natalie tells him “You can move your arm and squeeze your hand, right? You’re fine”
    • I don’t know what’s more boring. Listening to James and Nat talk, or watching Michelle sleep
  • 3:40pm – People are finally waking up. Jame is talking to Day in the HoH room
    • She is begining to retell the situation last night about how they made the plan to expose Frank
    • Day tells James how Bridgette and Frank were in different places of the house, so they couldn’t compare notes (seriously, this was like a police investigation).
    • Both Frank and Bridgette said that it was Nicole who was pushing a lot of stuff, like a secret alliance with Frank
    • Day points out during the Paris Hunt that Nicole asked Z if she should wake up Day/Paul. Day told James “of course you should wake me up. Especially with Frank and Bridgette up”. Very true. If Frank is their number 1 target and a clue comes up, you wake up the house to find that clue first. Very sloppy, Nicole
    • Day mentions how the rough order is Victor and Nicole, and then James says “then they’re going to go after Nat Nat, right?” Day basically agrees by not denying it and saying she’s going to prevent that as long as possible.  Sorry James, it probably won’t be Nat Nat. It will actually be you
    • Then Day was upset that she walked by the door later in the night and saw Bridgette and Frank hanging out together.  Talk about trying to kick Frank while he’s down. He is almost certain to leave Thursday, and has a very small chance to come back in. Instead of just letting that go, they’re working hard to ruin the friendship Frank has with Bridgette before he goes. Kind of a shitty move by the house.
    • day-james
    • Day found out that everything Tiffany told Bridgette, Bridgette went back to Nicole and confirmed a lot of those rumors.
    • “I thought Nicole was a sweet little girl” – James.   Yes, Nicole is playing a shit game, and she’s a terrible liar, but at least she’s not doing an asshole move of trying to break up a friendship
  • 5:00pm – Bridgette and Frank are up
    • Bridgette is already asking him about calling Day or Z a slut. He doesn’t think he did
    • Frank said the DR sessions, they keep talking about the card. He wants to tell them to stop so he doesn’t get his hopes up
    • He says he wants to tell them all to F off today, especially Paul
    • Fart break for Frank
  • 5:30pm – PPZD (Paul, Paulie, Z, and Day) are in the bedroom talking.
    • Victor comes in and Paul asks if Bridgette and Frank are doing ok. He’s shocked when he hears they are. He was very proud about blowing up his game
    • They talk about that for a little while before Paulie leaves. Paul follows him and is talking more about Frank and Bridgette.
    • Paulie is telling Corey that Bridgette said she would put up Corey and Nicole
    • Paul mentions how Frank is supposed to tell him to eat shit and die today. Frank said it jokingly, but now the house is expecting something big.
  • 6:10pm – Paul is making his rounds. I need to take a dinner break/watch BB on tv. I will be back to cover the nightly stuff shortly


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