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Saturday Feed Updates – Power of Veto Comp

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Last week, I complained about Michelle basically rolling over and not doing a damn thing to save herself. She spent the better part of the week sleeping, or under her cover when she was awake. However, after watching James and Natalie these past few days, I am beginning to miss last week. I understand they’re upset that their game is shot, and James is walking out the door if he doesn’t win veto (or next week if he does save himself this week). That is natural to be a bit bummed, but listening to them talk to each other is painful. They’re upset at Corey and Nicole for not sticking with the final 4 deal, even though James has broken his word numerous times this season. James is upset because they would have been in good shape if not for the jury buyback with Victor returning. Natalie is walking around like someone just died.

Come on.


Take some responsibility for your game. James had a dose of karma slap him in the face this season, and he needs to accept that. During the first wall endurance competition, he was sitting pretty and had no problem ‘bouncing a check’ when he promised Bridgette and Frank safety. During the second wall competition, James had the chance to win it and control his destiny, but he threw it away when he jumped off to hand Nicole the HoH. Ironically, he told Natalie today that he planned on putting Corey and Victor up had he won, and replace Victor with Nicole should he save himself. I don’t know if he’s just talking in hindsight, but he’s not only admitting he screwed himself by not taking the first shot, he is saying he would have went back on his f4 deal with NiCorey. Mind blowing.

Now we get to listen to Natalie and James sit there and blame Corey and Nicole all week.  James wants to walk by them all week and say ‘dead man walking’ to make them feel bad. He wants Natalie to give them a guilt trip for breaking their f4 deal (first). He wants to say something in one of his two speeches to call them out on national TV. Again.. take some responsibility for your game. Just like she did to Michelle, Nicole beat James at his own game. She’s better at Big Brother than either of them, and that’s just a reality he needs to accept. I know many don’t see it because she’s had her head up Corey’s butt all season, but she is secretly having a pretty good season.  The jury may be bitter, and she probably won’t win because of it, but she came in (just like James, Frank, and Da’Vonne) with a huge target on her back, and likely made the final 4.  She gets kudos from me.


With that rant out of the way, feed updates:

  • 11:45am – Natalie and James are sitting there feeling sorry for themselves again.
    • James is talking about all the things he could have done to screw over Nicole before she screwed over him. He’s right. He passed, she didn’t. She beat him.
    • Nicole was smart enough to realize that James had a huge chance of beating her in the finals, and smart enough to realize Michelle wanted her out.
  • 1:30pm – The pity party continues for Natalie.
    • To be fair, James has said a lot of things that make me think he’s just accepted he blew it.  He is being egged on a lot by Natalie’s constant complaining
    • Like right now, Natalie is telling him not to shit on Nicole and Corey in his speech. Take the high road.
    • james2
    • Meanwhile, James is trying to sleep and doesn’t really seem to care one way or another.
    • Natalie – “They shit on themselves for fucking over .. “  (thinks to herself, ooops, I am pretending to be sweet and innocent) “.. For screwing you over, they pooped on themselves” (there we go)
    • Seriously, it’s like mid-sentence she remembered the act she was putting on this summer and had a reboot.
    • Natalie – “They may make it to the final 2, but karma may catch up with them next week”… Natalie, if you believe in karma, realize that karma caught up with James.
    • Natalie – “Nicole and Corey are going to be gunning for the veto today, it shows they don’t trust them”… Or because it’s smart to secure their safety? They shouldn’t trust anyone at this point.
    • 5 minutes later, Natalie is debating on shitting on them again.  James reminds her that Victor and Paul are not switching sides. It’s over.
    • I shit on James in my post, but it’s clear he’s not the one responsible for the pity party. He is upset, and should be, but she’s clearly the one obsessing over it.
  • Meanwhile, I’m surprised no veto comp yet.  I am going to be heading to dinner soon, and I expect to return to the feeds being down, or the veto comp already complete.  Will post results when I get home.
  • 5:30pm – Back from dinner, as I suspected, feeds down. Looks like it’s been down for nearly 2 hours now
  • 6:30pm – Feeds still down
  • 7:50pm – Feeds still down
  • 8:30pm – I am guessing it is the comic book challenge like expected.  If so, it’s a very long comp.  However, we should be nearing the end of it
    • Btw, I hate how they have these comps and leave us all hanging. Been sitting here for 3 straight hours. That’s a lot of DVR I could have cleared up if they gave us downtime estimates
  • 9:09pm – Feeds back. We have a veto winner
    • corey-pov
    • Everyone else is super dirty, but Corey is clean sometime. Sounds like it was the black box again where they had to dig through stuff.
    • Now that Corey won the veto, we’ll see you Thursday for James’ eviction.
    • I’m kidding – sort of – though I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of campaigning or drama.
    • As soon as James and Natalie leave the HoH room, they celebrate.  One thing Michelle said before she left is she noticed how touchy-feely Victor has been with Nicole.  That trend continues
    • victor-michelle
    • They are going to discuss who to send home.  I guess Nicole has been pushing for Natalie, and tonight may have helped sway that decision more. She apparently did much better than James (although he was probably throwing it), so they are considering sending her home first.  May not be the worst decision for them, as I think Natalie has a bigger chance at winning any comp other than the wall comp.
    • Seeing as the pizza boxes are MacGyver theme, and the things they were talking about, it sounded like they were put in a room (black box?), given a few tools and had to figure out how to escape.
    • They left the HoH room. I don’t want to listen to the pity party tonight, so I’ll be back in an hour or so

Check back for updates.

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