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Saturday Night Fever; Post Veto Feeds

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Good evening, everyone. It’s Saturday night, and what’s better than staying in and watching the feeds!  I just realized I forgot to update the header, so if you’re wondering about the veto results, here they are …

Nicole won the Power of Veto


It was a hold/fold counting competition, with an obvious Christmas theme. Between the care package and the theme of the veto, the guy CBS is trying to shove down our throats will be getting a lot of airtime this week (Corey). They really want us to like him, and I guess it’s working because he did get the package over Paul or Victor. I honestly thought people would forget he was even in the house while they were voting.

If you missed it earlier, Nicole and Corey had a fun discussion on the meaning of his power this week.  By fun I mean frustrating and I wanted to stab my ears out. I swear those two are perfect for each other.


Enough rambling, here are some updates:

  • 5:40pm – Michelle is in the kitchen talking to James and Nat. She is going to talk to Nicole again because she doesn’t feel completely safe (nor should she)
    • Michelle noticed the boremance was laughing and joking with the bromance
    • James, the expert on Big Brother, claims he knows what will happen and tells Michelle if the noms remain the same, she is safe
  • 5:45pm – Nicole comes downstairs for a few minutes, and James encourages Michelle to pull her aside to talk. Michelle says it’s awkward.  Between that and her refusal to “butt kiss”, her stubbornness is going to kill her game.  Not like a talk will help, but James is right, she should at least have a brief conversation with Nicole.
    • James goes in the bathroom to congratulate Nicole. Let’s see if he does Michelle’s work for her
    • Yup, he starts asking her what her plans are for the veto.  Michelle should send him a Christmas card.
    • Nicole tells him that she’s probably not going to use it. She made noms for a reason.
    • Ohh, I’m far behind. Time to catch up…
  • 6:30pm – I jumped ahead 45 minutes and it looks like the only thing that changed was Michelle’s outfit.
    • The three of them are in the kitchen talking about random things, including how Paul and Victor are upstairs while upstairs the bromance are chatting with Corey about hot tub and playing pool later
    • Downstairs they’re talking about ranks of celebs. They say Franke Grande would be a b-list or c-list.  No way. d-list at best.
  • 7:15pm – Nicole, Paul, Corey and Victor are up in the HoH talking
    • They were talking about how while Paul was downstairs, Michelle kept egging him on, but I didn’t really see it much
  • 7:30pm – These conversations are so boring.
  • 7:50pm – Nicole mentions how some of the schools in her town have like 1-2 people per grade
    • The three guys crack a bunch of jokes about it. Like 10 year reunion, there is just 1 other person.  Or a big bus picking only 2 kids up
    • One page yearbook lol
    • Paul mentions some guy riding into town to sell snake oil, and says it wasn’t a backhanded joke to Nicole.  They then go on to say they’re going to pose with snakes and send the pics to Nicole at the end of the season
  • 8:45pm – I’ve been sitting here listening to these conversations, but I need to stretch. Time to catch up on DVR
  • 10:45pm – Took a little break. I’m back and it looks like the backyard is open, so the bromance is out in the hottub chatting while the Nat/James/Michelle trio are chatting in the London room
    • natalie-talking
    • Michelle mentions something about talking to Paul. I’m guessing he tried to clear the air like he said it was going to do sometime in the past 2 hours
    • James says he thinks Paul knows he’s going home and that’s why he patched things up with Michelle
    • Michelle said James doesn’t have to talk on her behalf, and Natalie jumps in “Oh he has to”… woah.
  • 11:05pm – James went outside for a bit to do laundry then comes back in to the girls…
    • Not a whole lot of talk. They mentioned how James kept Natalie safe, or at least off the block
    • James mentioned how he thinks it was surfer Dave who just gave up and asked to be voted out when he was on the block. He wanted to get back to surfing.

12:00am – I have a feeling the blogs this week will be shorter than they’ve been all season.  With just two small groups split up having casual conversation all week, they are going to run out of conversation. They’re already pretty much out of game talk until at least Monday when the noms remain the same and reality kicks in for Michelle that she really could be leaving.  Her little group may try to scheme, but they’re going to have to come up with something better than what they did with Paulie.

It’s not impossible, especially considering the trump card they’re holding – the strength of the groups. Nicole and Corey are smart enough (even though they may not act it) to know that taking Paul and Victor to the final 4 is the harder path to follow. Whether or not Michelle and James will be able to make them see that is the question.  That is unless Michelle is too proud to actually ‘kiss ass’ (ie game talk) with Nicole rather than her normal strategy of just making the other person appear worse.  Paul already make the preemptive strike in that area by telling Nicole that Michelle is going to try to bait him into an argument all week. This means even if he does snap back at her, he can just say “see, she kept pushing and pushing”.


This week may be slow and boring, but interesting to watch to see how it plays out. Kind of like Fear the Walking Dead every week.

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