Shelly Is Not Going Down Without A Fight


So Shelly spent the better part of the morning having a very long talk with Rachel, and it’s very clear she’s not going to just go out with a whimper.  My guess is that she sees a partial opening with Rachel due to the fact that both know deep down sitting next to Jordan in the finals is a bad thing, yet neither want to come out and say it.

Does this mean Rachel is going to betray her bond with Jordan?  At this point it seems unlikely, but at some moment our fiery red head is going to sit back and realize there is a big difference between $50k and $500k.  Rachel is a fierce competitor, and badly wants to win it all. She has to know her chances aren’t good with that final 2, but she also knows she has to be extremely careful because doing the dirty work herself will definitely lose her votes that she badly needs.

It’s very difficult to figure out what’s going on in Rachel’s head right now.   It’s beginning to become clear that Jordan want’s a pet named Adam, while Rachel wants a pet named Shelly.  Trying to figure out why is the difficult part.  Rachel was basically gushing to Shelly about the game she’s played, and she’s right on some levels.  Out of the remaining houseguests, Shelly’s name would come up as someone who has tried to play the game, unlike say Porsche or Adam.   That being said, wouldn’t that be reason enough to want her out of the house?  If I were Rachel, I think I’d rather be sitting next to Adam than Shelly if it comes down to it.

That brings me to my original point.  I think keeping the reason she wants to keep Shelly is she is more likely to get out Jordan in the long run than Adam.  She hasn’t said it, and based on the reactions of fans to Shelly after her betrayal of Jordan, Rachel is probably better off not saying it even if it happens, even to the DR.


In the end though, I am beginning to think Rachel really thinks she can beat Jordan in the finals, and she may just generally have a distrust for Adam.  I don’t blame her there either, Adam flips to whatever side is in power very quickly.  As far as beating Jordan, the more I think about it, the more I think that Rachel would actually get the votes there.  Jordan’s done very little in the game except ride Jeff’s back, while Rachel has won HoH’s, and won the most important veto of the season.  Not to mention the fact that Jordan has already won which will likely be in the back of the minds of the jury.

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