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Shelly Working Hard To Lose To Jeff And Jordan

shelly talking with kaliaTonight on the feeds, (7 pm flashback time), Shelly decided to pull Kalia aside, lay next to her on the hammock and exploit her weakness of being a pretty bad player.   Her theory is that Kalia needs to stand on her own, get out of Daniele’s shadow and earn back the trust of the almighty Jeff and Jordan by putting Porsche on the block, and actually trying to save Rachel this week.

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From the sounds of it, it worked because Kalia ran and told Daniele the plan like she was going to do it.

All signs are pointing to this being an absolutely horrible move on the part of Kalia, Daniele, and as smart as she thinks she is right now, Shelly.  Let’s be real, if Rachel stays in the game this week, and J/J still have their Shelly-puppet, It’s either HoH or eviction for Daniele, and guess who’s going after that?   Lawon maybe, but Kalia will not be far behind leaving a nice clear path for J/J/R to cruise to the final 3.

Sure, Shelly has a great chance to make final 4, but does she really think she’s going to beat out Jeff and Rachel in competitions?  Does she think he has a chance to win sitting next to America’s Sweetheart or her boyfriend who is playing a great game?

Her only shot is to somehow get to the final 4 then betraying her game-long allies of Jeff and Jordan by taking Rachel to the final 2, if it ever got to that point.  Even then, she’ll have to fight for votes because she’ll have either pissed off people like J/J to get there, or they’ll consider Rachel a bigger competitor and Shelly a floater.   It doesn’t mean she can’t win against Rachel, she still probably could, but it’ll be no easy task.

If Shelly wants to win, I think she really needs to secretly work with Kalia and Daniele, make them look like the bad guys, while staying completely under the radar as the 3rd mystery alliance member.  Once the powerhouses like Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are out, then you can open up about your alliance and start taking credit for being the mastermind behind it all.

Just my 2 cents though.

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    I disagree. Kalia really should do it as this could be a disastrous HOH for her if she doesn’t. She could end up nominating 3 people pissing off 4 including Jordan and getting rid of none as my money is on Rachel in a head to head comp with Cassi. Plus she’ll take all the heat and get none of the credit as she’s viewed as Dani’s lapdog right now. She’s becoming Natalie to Dani’s Jessie. Or perhaps more confusingly she’s becoming Dani S8 to Dani S13’s Evel Dick. So even if she were to make it to final 2 no one would give her credit for the moves that were made.

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