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How I want to spend my day
How I want to spend my day

Good afternoon, everyone! The weekend may almost be over, but the fun never ends in the Big Brother house! Sorry, that is something I need to repeat to myself during the slow weeks to keep myself sane.


There really isn’t much going on, but to be fair, that is pretty much expected this late in the season. When there are 7 people in the house, with 6 of them being paired up pretty much all season, things get stale. Conversations get repetitive, and gametalk grinds to a halt. It’s like when you go to a mixed-family kids birthday party and you have small pockets of adults spread apart talking about the same stuff they’ve been talking about the past few birthday parties (or maybe that’s just the birthday parties I end up at?).

Right now the direction of the week is that those 6 people are going to boot out the awkward 7th person who ends up a 3rd wheel on any conversation going on. That 3rd wheel is usually me, so I can relate to Michelle’s pain. Again, that’s probably why we’re such best friends now.


Is it smart for Nicole to get out Michelle over say Victor or Paul?  Honestly at this point, it’s hard to tell. Michelle did call Nicole a snake on national TV, so it would be hard to fully feel safe while she’s in the house. Be that as it may, I think most people would agree that Vic/Paul are a pretty dangerous duo and every wasted chance to split them up is a risk simply because you never know if you’ll get that chance again. They will be 1/3rd of the house after Thursday, and are guaranteed to both play in every PoV comp. At this point in the season, veto holds more power than HOH because it’s guaranteed safety for you and possibly a partner (unless you’re forced to save yourself).

Not like any of it matters.  Regardless of what has happened, Nicole keeps pushing herself into a Britney Haynes 2.0 role. Her refusal to work with girls game is about as strong as Michelle’s stubborn pride game.


Ok, here are some updates:

  • 11:15am – Wakeup call has been made, but most still laying in bed.
  • 12:10pm – Most are up and are in the kitchen doing lunch.
  • 12:30pm – Corey telling a story about how he lost a phone, so he was trying to find it, and texted his friend asking for the findmyiphone password.  The problem is, he texted the missing phone then sat there waiting for a response.
  • 12:45pm – Nicole wants to know what it feels like to be hit with a head of lettuce, so Victor obliges.
    • nicole-lettuce
  • 1:45pm – Nobody has moved.  Nicole, Corey, Nat and Victor remain in the kitchen talking. The other 3 sleeping.  I am going to step out for dinner.   Just re-read my last update if you want to know what is going on in the house for the next few hours, because I don’t think much will change today.
  • 5:30pm – I’m back. Looks like Michelle is entering the Audrey-stage of her eviction
    • michelle3
    • Scrolling up to see if anything else happened
    • Around 3:00pm, a drone flew over the house with some words on it. There was a miniature blowup doll on it with some words.
    • This has sent the house into paranoia.  Nicole is worried the fans are upset she’s going after Michelle. Michelle is worried about the way she looks
    • Natalie tells Michelle that she told James she can’t wait until he sees her Instagram so he can see the real her.  How dumb is that statement?  He sees the real her in the house. Instagram has filters and angles and shit. That’s not the ‘real’ Natalie

Note – If you’re wondering, we’re still looking for writers for this season, the fall season and moving forward.  We want to keep pushing content, so reach out to us if you want to share your Big Brother opinions!

  • 5:35pm – James has joined Natalie to comfort Michelle.  Natalie praises Michelle how strong she is for surviving this long without a showmance.  Bullshit.
  • 5:50pm – Backyard open. Everyone runs outside.
    • Natalie is doing cartwheels with her newfound freedom
  • 8:15pm – Back from CBS episode, meh. Funny to see the Thelma & Louise again, but other than that not very interesting.
    • Right now in the house, James is up Natalie’s butt while Paul/Vic chat with Nicole.
  • 8:30pm – This day has been pretty lousy for me, and I really can’t sit here and listen to Paul talk about his clothing line all night, so I’m going to step away and clear my head.

Check back for updates

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