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Slow Monday Recap

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Good morning all you BB Junkies! I hope your week started off better than it did for the Hive alliance. Yesterday was the day for them to start working on those votes after the veto ceremony when Tyler took Angela off the block. The Hive needed to divide and conquer and focus on why Rockstar should stay over Kaycee. Is that what happened? Nope. They did the same thing they did when Tyler won the veto and they were waiting to see what he’d do with it. They isolated themselves in the hoh room and trash talked the other side of the house. I’m exaggerating a little because Haleigh did flirt with Brett to secure his vote. Rockstar had a few talks to tell everyone that Angela (who isn’t otb against her) was a spoiled, privileged, princess, b*tch but for the most part, they hung out together and talked about how badly the other side of the house is playing.


The people in Hive simply don’t have the patience, willpower or strategic brains to do what Level 6 has been doing. They’ve had a divide and conquer mentality all season. The first part of the season, Tyler worked the other side, Brett flirted with Haleigh and Kaycee built a bond with Bayleigh. Of course, we all know what Tyler accomplished with Kaitlyn and all these things were planned and discussed. Tyler built something with Scottie and has had JC thinking they’re a duo the entire time. Tyler and Kaycee also have a special bond and a trio with Sam. Tyler did such a good job convincing the hoh (Bayleigh) that Scottie was his best friend,  Scottie started believing it. When it became obvious that Tyler and Angela were working together, (well it should’ve been obvious) Brett and Tyler simply traded places. Brett became the guy who was alone in the game. Brett spent time alone just like Kaycee is doing now. They’ve all taken on roles to play and they’ve played them.  Angela has done the least to make friends and infiltrate the other side but she’s won an hoh that Kaycee and Brett haven’t and taken out a player with a power app. She also had to do some acting that week to accomplish it so Bayleigh wouldn’t use her app.

This group gets up every day and goes to work. Yes, Angela stays horizontal A LOT but she does her part and they all seem to understand they need to ‘work hard for the money.’ (I haven’t given you a song to get stuck in your head lately so there ya go, you’re welcome) I really don’t enjoy picking sides but this year, how can I avoid it? I’ve said over and over that I love ALL this cast and I still do. They all give me something even if just some laughs and entertainment. Some people have criticized the season and said it’s like watching Paul control the house last year. I don’t know what they’re watching because it isn’t anything like that. He was one guy who was handed a huge advantage at the start and was a returning player. Tyler’s earned everything he’s had except the power app and it hasn’t been used yet so it hasn’t benefited him.  He also isn’t the only one putting in work. I don’t see the season as a ‘steamroll season’ just because one side is getting wiped out. One side isn’t winning everything.  If you lump Sam in with L6 and Scottie with Hive, Hive has won 4 of the 7 hoh’s. Sams power app benefited (or could have) a Hive/Foutte member and the other 2 haven’t been used. The hacker wins were split between sides so the twists and comps have been even. They’re just being outplayed and for people who think it’s boring to watch, I’d suggest you watch seasons 16 and 19 on repeat to get your tv enjoyment. Double vetos and Pandoras boxes haven’t been dropped in to help players who are making bad decisions…yet. Instead, what we’re watching is more like old school BB and in old school BB, bad players go home.


I was trying to remember the last season we saw an alliance work this well together and I’m not sure who to compare them to. Maybe the brigade in BB12? The house is divided like it was in BB6 but they didn’t infiltrate the other side in that season, they just openly hated each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably enjoy it if Fessy manages to win the next hoh because he’ll be the only person playing for his side (maybe Scottie but not sure about that) so if he beats the odds, good for him. I’ll also enjoy it if L6 finishes wiping out the Hive too because they’re a mess and just bad players.

At this point, I think L6 could wear matching team uniforms and Hive would still wonder who (from their own side) flipped. They’d still think no one talks game except themselves.  Some of the talk from last night shows it so let’s recap some of the conversations from yesterday:

  • RS comforted KC after the veto ceremony by telling her KC wasn’t the one meant to go home-basically telling KC that she was leaving. RS told her Angela was a spoiled, privileged princess used to getting her way.
  • KC shares RS’s comments and Angela says that she is used to getting her way and this week, she wants RS to go. Lol
  • Ty gets confirmation from Sam she’ll vote out RS. She worries she’s being replaced with Angela and he assures her it’s not true. He says they had to separate a little once Bay started accusing them of having a F2.
  • Brett told L6 that Hay told him Ty was her real target and Angela 2nd in case she tries to say they weren’t later.
  • Hay was pissed after ceremony and in the hoh room mimicking Angela (maybe from her speech) saying “Hilton head, Hilton head, stupid c**t.” I think Angela may have said something about taking her off the block like ‘do it for Hilton head.’ Hay begins counting votes and thinks it’s 5 to 1 for RS to stay.
  • Ty tells Scottie he’s keeping KC and Scottie says he is too. (I have no idea what Scottie will do this week)
  • RS pitches to Scottie by first accusing him of being the hacker and asking he not cancel a vote for her to stay. She’ll do this with several people thru the day.
  • RS pitches Brett and they talk about maybe making their joke F2 alliance a real thing. Brett smiles really big to the camera when the talk is over.  She tells him she’d go after Tyler and Angela, mostly Angela if she stays.
  • I’m not going to say the same things over and over so just know that RS’s pitch to everyone all day, includes some version of: Angela’s a b*tch, Angela’s a spoiled princess, Angela is a floater, Angela hasn’t done anything in the game, (guess she forgot about taking out Bay) RS is the REAL Angela, Angela plays a flirt game she doesn’t approve of or respect. (Isn’t Hay her bff?) She does occasionally throw in how bad Tyler sucks and how he’s stupid for not taking her deal. She briefly remembers Angela isn’t on the block against her and says that KC isn’t adaptable to working with other people the way she is and that’s about it for why she should stay over Angela, I mean KC.
  • Scottie is back to calling KC “daddy” and hangs out with her some.
  • KC is acting mad and depressed so she will look defeated to the Hive side.
  • Angela asks Ty if he thinks Sam would make her a tiara for eviction night. Ty thinks she would if she asks. (I hope this happens so she can sit there being the princess RS likes calling her)
  • Fes tells Ty he wouldn’t go after Ty until 4 or 5 people left. Ty says the same. They’re both full of shit.
  • RS tells Sam to tell JC she’s keeping her so he’ll know he’s voting with the majority and will keep her too. Sam says she’s keeping it to herself since that’s “her thing.” RS tries unsuccessfully to slam Tyler to Sam but Sam won’t join in. (Ty gave Sam some attention so RS has the wrong audience for this to go well)
  • JC tells Ty he thinks he’s the hacker and has the 2nd power app. JC tells him that if he had it, he’d tell Ty but says it’s ok. He assures Ty he’s keeping KC and tells Ty to cancel Fessys vote. Lol
  • Sam tells JC she thinks a loving person will cancel her vote so she doesn’t have to choose.
  • Hg’s finally got some cups instead of those huge jugs they were having to use.
  • RS escalates the Angela hate thru the evening. She basically starts calling her a whore and slut and wants to “out” her shomance with Ty in her speech. She says she knows they’re “doing stuff” under the covers and hears Angela giggling at night. She makes a joke referencing giving “Hilton head” and Hay says its Scotties joke so she has to give him credit. She says Angela isn’t even that pretty and Hay agrees. Hay doesn’t think she needs to talk about a shomance tho.
  • JC and Fes are going over the rule book (Kryssie sighting) to see the rules for items hg’s leave behind. Kaitlyn’s already made a request with production to get some of her clothes back before. Apparently, she just made another one when she saw JC with a jacket he says she gave him. She did give hg’s things before she left but I think when she sees people with them while watching feeds, she decides she wants them back. JC wants to take the rule book to the DR and point out the rules. He doesn’t care about the jacket but he’s wondering how many times Kaitlyn can keep making the requests. He says she’s just acting like a brat. Kaitlyn was on Twitter yesterday saying she didn’t ask for the stuff back but I saw her tweet a while back when she said she had. JC gets yelled at often about rules so I think he just wants to have a “rules are rules” moment with them and be a smartass. Lol
  • Hay grows less confident about the votes thru the evening. She’s sure about Brett but worries Sam may be playing them. RS is sure about Brett and Sam but worried about JC and Scottie.
  • RS notices JC hanging out with “Tangela” (what she’s calling Ty and Angela now) and she wants Fes to deal with it.
  • Hay reassures herself about the outcome by saying she knows KC hasn’t developed any meaningful friendships or relationships with anyone in the house and RS agrees. Since they’ve barely spoken to KC, they assume no one else has either.
  • Fes, RS and Hay discuss Ravens medical problems and Hay says “yeah, her heart is on the outside of her body.” Hahaha
  • Production spells Haleigh’s name wrong. It’s wrong on her new cup and she said it was on her comp clothes too. I spelled it wrong the first part of the season but I’m also not paying her to be on my show.
  • Vegas said the hacker comp was held in the basement of the house/lot. We were was wondering  about it and I heard Tyler talking about going down some stairs so there ya go.

I forgot this from the night before but Sam was alone in the kitchen at night having some chocolate milk. Hay said over the hoh monitor to Sam that she could come upstairs and drink it if she wanted. Sam was visibly uncomfortable and said “No, absolutely not.” She got up and went to the storage room to finish her drink. It was really funny. I don’t think this was a freak out moment from Sam. I just think it bothered her to think Haleigh was spying on her from the hoh room. Haleigh was simply being nice when she saw Sam alone.

I also forgot to mention from the night before Angela telling Tyler about her experiences growing up doing gymnastics. It was sad to hear how hard they are on many of the little girls and the eating disorders and psychological problems it can cause. She talked about how lonely being a college athelete can be too and how hard it is because you’re basically working a full time job. My son played ball in college and she’s telling the truth.  It’s too bad Rockstar couldn’t have heard some of it since she’s so sure Angela’s life has only been privileged and perfect. I hope Steve can offer you more substance today because last night was pretty dull.

Have a great Tuesday!

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