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Slow Sunday Feed Updates 7/3

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Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day weekend. Speaking of – I watched the first one in the movies way back when, and almost went again for this one. Should I? Is it worth it? It seems a little weird, and maybe a ‘wait for Netflix’ movie, so that is probably what will happen. Also, people have mentioned the thumbs on comments. In order to use them, you need to be registered and logged in. This is because the program was whipped up for me (because the one I was using slowed down the site), and the writer made it logged-in only to prevent spam. It was actually for another site where spam was a problem, but it’s not a quick fix. Also, at the time, there weren’t very many third party thumbs apps out there, but I did find one recently that looked promising. If I like it, I’ll buy and install it over the next day or so.


On to the Big Brother house –

It’s slow. It probably will be slow until the veto meeting, and then I think it’s only a coin flip whether or not Vic causes a scene or not. He is pretty much using this show as a launching pad for his soap opera career (his words), so if he wants to make an impact, he’d better start busting out his drama capability soon. I don’t think there are many spots on soaps for people who sit around houses all day just talking loud with an annoying laugh. He does have a good villain laugh, so if any DR people are reading this, tell him to play the villain soon. This house needs one – even just for a week.


On to the updates –

  • 1:00pm – Frank and Day are chatting in the bathroom. He tells her after Victor and Bronte, he wants Tiffany out. Day reacts very positively to this, so I guess there aren’t many fans of Van2.0.
    • He tells her the next three should be Vic, Tiffany, and Bronte which will bring them to jury (he will also include whoever returns, as they will probably win at least a week of safety)
    • Then he says the first few in jury can really be whoever.. Paul, Bridgette, whatever. But, the key part is he also included Paulie and Corey there. He said they have to be scooped out early to make it easier. This is important because Frank has been spending a lot of time with Paulie, and that could have been the angle someone used to target him (Frank). Showing he is still loyal to the vets will go a long way toward making it deeper in the game. Nobody wants to take him to the final 2, so he’s going to have to work for that, but once he gets over the hump of 9th-5th place, it’s pretty smooth sailing.
    • When Frank walked away, Day did turn around and gave a weird look to the cameras. Not sure what that was about, but she didn’t do any camtalk to let us know her thoughts
  • 1:30pm – People are hanging outside, Bridgette makes a food delivery. Yummm
    • bridgette-food
  • 2:30pm – I don’t know how much longer I can handle Bronte saying ‘girl’. “I’m so happy we’re outside, girl!”… “Omg girl, you look so good!”. Drives me crazy
  • 2:40pm – Backyard gymnastics.
    • nat-headstand
    • The girls are getting together to summon Big Brother spirits to help their season
      Just kidding, they’re just playing a game
  • 3:18pm – They spot someone writing in the sky. It sounded like a marriage proposal (not Big Brother related), but house called for a lock down.
  • 3:58pm – James got Nicole pretty good here
    • james-nicole
  • 4:25pm – Day, James, Nicole, and Michelle are in the kitchen talking about Van2.0. They think Paulie actually likes her romantically more than Zaki as he’s always running to her for opinions, etc. They also don’t trust her at all, say she is playing like her sister and always kind of testing people to see how smart they are
  • 5:00pm – Corey, Pauley and Nat are chatting in the HoH room. Nicole is with Zaki in a bedroom, and Michelle is crying to James about something she said. I didn’t catch what she said, but she’s basically worried about looking like an Aaryn (now I’m curious what she said). Meanwhile, I’m going to go watch the CBS episode
  • 6:20pm – Back from the CBS episode. Not much going on the feeds right now (shocker, I know). I saw someone mention more polls, and that can be done. I’ll think of some poll questions and add more throughout the week
  • 6:55pm – They’re pretty much all just waiting around for the veto ceremony. I am pretty sure it’s happening tonight, especially considering tomorrow is a holiday.
  • 7:15pm – James is laying in bed chatting with one of his girlfriends of the house. I can see her ending up with him, until she’s out of the house
    • james-nat
    • Paulie is in bed with Zaki chatting about who is going home next, James is in bed with Nat, and Corey is outside with Nicole.  The Sunday Showmance hour
    • Corey tells Frank that Michelle is mad because Bridgette took the laundry first.  The things that bother people in this house
  • 8:20pm – Victor is working Nicole, Michelle, and Natalie out in the back yard.
    • How I typically feel after a light workout
      How I typically feel after a light workout
  • 8:50pm – Michelle is done her workout and is now chatting with Day and Zaki in the HN room
    • They say what everyone has been saying, that Tiffany is a bit shady. As far as they’re concerned, the ‘girl alliance’ is just them four (including Nicole).
    • Then the talk goes on to James, how his thing with Natalie is weird (it is).
    • Michelle mentions how Frank wants to take Bridgette far in the game. She thinks he’ll kick one of them out and take her.
    • Day speculates that Frank’s plan is to have all the teams fall apart around him, while his remain 4 strong.  So, she wants to get Bridgette out to shake up Frank’s team
    • Michelle wants her (Bridgette) to go home in two weeks. She doesn’t want to be in the jury house with her because she’d get super fat there (Bridgette cooks a lot). Kind of weird to plan your jury house. I’d rather plan on winning

While I am thinking about, here is a random poll….

[poll id=”10″]

Back to updates….

  • 8:54pm – I knew Da’Vonne wasn’t a big fan of Frank’s plan earlier in the day based on the look she gave cameras.
    • She is wondering why Frank wants to keep Paulie around longer (even though he suggested the opposite), and that is to get jury votes for Frank
    • Day wants to get Frank out pre-jury. She thinks there is going to be a buyback pre-jury (there will be), so she thinks Frank will be able to be the one to come back and they’ll send him right back out
    • However, Day knows they don’t have the numbers to get Frank out pre-jury because all the guys like him so much.
    • Nicole enters and the group re-tells the situation to her
  • 9:25pm – Girls still talking. They are pushing a theory that Bronte is sisters with Becky from last season. I guess it makes sense to look for connections, so it’s not far fetched, but I don’t think they look alike. Now, if Hillary Swank was in the house, I would think she was Becky’s sister
    • Nicole hammers the point that the girls need to work with the boys, but don’t think they’re getting emotionally connected. Nicole is trying to play cutthroat this season, and I like it. I really think this 4 can actually produce a winner this season
    • Da’Vonne mentions how someone in DR slipped up with a hint that Van2.0 is after her. Doesn’t mean it’s true, but that’s what Day got from whatever production told her
  • 9:40pm – Going to step away from my pc for a little bit. Need to take care of eye strain

Check back for updates

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