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Sunday Afternoon/Night Updates 8/21

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Cleaning to distract from the inevitable?
Cleaning to distract from the inevitable?

Good evening everyone! So sorry for the late start again.. So many people want to see me before I leave, I’ve barely had time to post here!


The only talk that’s really happened today is Nicole and Corey trying to figure out which one of them is going up next to Victor. Other than that, there’s been casual chit chat and a whole lot of Victor cleaning (sorry if I missed something big!).


  • 5:23pm – Paul/Natalie/Michelle are chatting in the backyard. Victor is scrubbing the shower
    • Nicole and Corey chatting about a possible jury buyback. Nicole doesn’t think there will be one
    • Nicole says Corey has been a great sidekick
    • Natalie is chatting with Paul about her learning disability in the backyard
  • 6:17pm – Paul and Nat still chatting in the DR, Nicole and Corey are cooking in the kitchen
    • Michelle says she wanted to make an apple pie, but they took Paulie’s basket
    • Nat- “I could’ve done my job without a college education, but I needed a college education to get the job.”
    • Paul and Nat came in and James called him “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” and told him to watch his back lol
    • Nat is in the HOH with James making sure he’s not jealous that she was talking to Paul
    • James is wondering if Paul has a crush on Nat
    • Nat- “He’s not my type and he’s my target to go home.”   James- “Well not this week”
    • Everyone else is in the kitchen cooking and talking about stir fry
    • Nat- “If I weren’t attached to you, I would have been a pawn every week”
  • 7:07pm – Nat and James are chatting and she says she can beat everyone but Victor, so he has to go. Here’s to hoping he leaves and beats Paulie in the buyback!
    • James wants final 4 to be him, Nat, Michelle, and Nicole
    • They’re going to tell Michelle that Victor is leaving right before the live show. Michelle wants Nicole out
    • James thinks that Paul will forgive them eventually for getting Victor out because it’ll give him a better chance to win the game (lol aren’t you going after him next week??)
    • James wants to tell Vic/Paul that Vic is leaving right after the VETO ceremony. Nat doesn’t want to
    • James says that Vic/Paul realize that James won’t vote out Nicole
    • In the safari room, Paul and Victor are chatting about the horrible situation they’re in
    • They know that James won’t vote out Nicole, but they think maybe they can convince Michelle to put up Corey and then maybe James will vote him out
    • Victor thinks that he was put on the block so that he wouldn’t be able to use the VETO on Paul. Paul says that Victor was the backup plan
    • Paul wants Victor to talk to Michelle, because Paul thinks that he’s bothering her, so he wants Vic to plant the seed
    • James and Nat want Nicole/Corey to win so they can send Paul/Michelle home
    • James and Natalie are telling America not to send Paul the care package. (America, please send Paul the care package lol)
    • Everyone is in the kitchen but Paul, who’s sitting in the safari room alone not talking
    • Paul realizing he's screwed if Victor leaves..
      Paul realizing he’s screwed if Victor leaves..
    • James is getting overly excited about his have-not pies
    • Victor is pitching his case to Michelle to put up Corey instead of Nicole
    • Michelle says she’s going to be pissed if Victor goes home and that she’ll tell James/Nat that
    • Michelle says Victor doesn’t deserve to be up on the block
    • Victor- “We still have time to fix this.”  Michelle- “It’s already been fixed.”  (huh?)
    • Nat has joined Mich/Vic in the safari room. Vic is telling Nat that he doesn’t deserve this
    • Paul has joined the three of them now
    • The talk in the safari room has shifted to pimples and random chat, including how cute Bridgette’s nose is
    • James is wandering aimlessly around the house
    • Victor says he really thinks someone is coming back, Natalie doesn’t think it’ll be a jury member
    • They’re wondering if there will be a jury buyback or a second double eviction
    • Nat- “If Paulie comes back, please kill me.”
    • James says he’s going to hide Natalie’s stuff. He has her flip flops and is looking for other things
  • 8:00pm – Not much going on in the house. Random chit chat now and James is hiding stuff

Check back for overnight in the morning!

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