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Sunday Feed Updates – Long Week Ahead

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Happy Sunday, everyone.  Is today the start of the NFL season or next week? Doesn’t matter. Wake me up at week 5 (#firegoodell). It’s still Big Brother season, and that’s what is important, right?  I know the house is boring as hell right now, but a boring house is better than no Big Brother, am I right?

With Corey winning the power of veto, the big decision of the week is who to send home first – James or Natalie.  Victor really wants to send home the person who voted him out (James), but not only has Natalie done better in competitions, but she is also annoying the people in the house (and at home, like me).  The group (‘the final 4’) talk about how it seems James has already checked out of the house, and how it may be smarter to get Natalie out first for that reason. If James is expecting to go home, he’s not going to study hard, and he’ll be more shocked than anything on Thursday night, which should shake him for the HOH comp.


What they don’t realize is that James sees something they’re overlooking, and that is the reality of the house with just James or Natalie in it. He has been coaching her to stick with Paul and Victor after he is gone because he says the group will start thinking about going after each other, and he’s right. Alone, James or Natalie will stop looking like a threat and look more like a number in their favor to get deeper into the game. While James has been coaching Natalie, if he is the one who actually stays, he is likely going to take his own advice and buddy up next to Paul and Victor. When you combine how much less annoying James is than Natalie, or how he has already checked out mentally, that increases the chances of Paul and Victor using him to snipe Corey or Nicole.

The ironic thing about that situation is that Nicole was the one of the driving forces behind the ‘vote Natalie out’ approach, and if it plays out that way, it could come back to bite her in the ass.  Granted, it’s all a long shot at this point. No matter what happens, James or Natalie have to win a comp, and that hasn’t been something they’ve been very good at this season.




  • 10:00am – The house is still dark. I started this early because I ended last night’s early, though I don’t anticipate much movement in the house for another hour or two
  • 11:15am – Victor and Paul are awake making breakfast
  • I whipped up an image for the theme this week
  • pityparty
  • 11:50am – Natalie joins them outside and tells them she is going to ask everyone to vote her out
    • She said James is her best friend and she really doesn’t want to be alone for the week until she’s eventually evicted
    • Natalie is saying she is going to give it her all if she stays
    • She says she can keep her or James, it doesn’t really matter.  Goes on for about 10 minutes saying stuff like that
  • 12:00pm – Natalie leaves, and Paul and Victor look at each other “get the fuck out hereeee. Are you kidding me??”
    • They are saying she is doing reverse psychology, and if she does end up going, she’ll make it seem like she made that happen. It was the kindness in her soul
    • Then they say “remember yesterday when she tossed him under the bus and then reversed over him?”
    • I guess during a conversation yesterday, she was saying things like how she basically just went along with the things James has said this season
    • Paul says it’s smart… if she does go home, it will make it look like a heroic move and she’ll get America’s Favorite.  Victor says “America, don’t buy into this. She threw him under the bus yesterday”
    • During the talk, Natalie said “It just sucks being on the block with my best friend” they laugh and say “Who are you talking to?  The people you put on the block together”
    • They keep laughing at that comment and joking how they were on the block together
  • 12:05pm – Natalie comes back outside to tan, and Paul, Nat, and Victor joke about her being a Jersey Girl (in reference to what Paulie kept calling her)
    • Victor drops his friends Instagram profile and tells feeders to go to his page and write ‘fuck you’.
    • Feeders happily oblige. This was about 5 minutes later….
    • victorroomie
    • Meanwhile, Victor heads inside and Paul and Natalie are joking about how Paulie must be miserable in the jury house right now.  Especially with Michelle joining them, then possibly Natalie
    • That made me realize the season with so much female potential with the ‘fatal five’ will have 5 women out of 6 people if Natalie goes home
  • 2:45pm – Relaxation time. Nicole, Corey and Natalie are tanning, Victor is cooking, and James is sitting next to Nat (of course)
    • They’re talking about how Michelle yelled out she is Dan Gheesling’s cousin-in-law.  They are speculating that everyone has a secret
    • James is talking about how he was the only guy who won HoH until he was evicted. Talking about how Vanessa and crew carried the twins.
    • Of course, James isn’t correct. Before he was evicted, Austin and Steve won HoH as well, but Vanessa really did well.  Her, James, and Shelli won the first 6 HoH’s.
  • 3:45pm – Natalie, Nicole and James have been hanging out chatting. Paul and Victor are on the other side of the back yard chatting as well.
    • When I flipped over to Paul, he was talking about that spinning competition (where Michelle puked) and how if he could, he would eat a bunch of crap before it then projectile vomit everywhere to make people drop.  Only a part of me thinks he’s kidding.
  • 4:10pm – Natalie further friendzoning James
    • She is telling him how doesn’t know how she can be in relationship. She isn’t talking directly about him, but she’s clearly laying the groundwork for when they get out
    • James talking more about relationships and how guys should treat women.  He then drops in ‘If you don’t find it with me…’ and she brushes it off
    • Natalie is talking about how if there was a social job out there, she’d do well
    • James says how he feels there are a lot of social jobs in Texas.   Keep up the fight, James.  You’ll win her over eventually
  • 4:35pm – Feeds have been down for about 10 minutes now. Probably nothing
  • 4:45pm – We come back to Nicole fighting with Corey again
    • Apparently he made some Corey-like joke to her and that hurt her feelings.  Something about true colors
    • nicole-crying
    • Random info – Nicole has had her period for 2 days since joining the house.  She is talking about how stressed she is
    • Nicole is going on and on, and this is Corey’s face
    • 17 more days.. 17 more days
      17 more days.. 17 more days
    • I’m pretty sure if they extended the game another 2 weeks, Nicole will require a trip to the mental hospital, and Corey would blow his brains out
    • They have made up and said the fight is going to be on youtube. No, probably not. It really wasn’t an interesting fight
    • Feeds switch to James asking Natalie if she regrets being in a showmance.  Oh boy, still?
  • 5:15pm – On the feeds, if you quad-cam, you have Natalie talking about how she doesn’t like Nicole, and how fake she is.
    • She then says ‘They’re literally shit talking me right now’ (referring to Paul and Nicole), and I had to check. Surprisingly, Paul was.  Natalie has pretty good hearing
    • Granted it’s not a lot of shit talk, but he is just retelling a conversation he had with Natalie.  He then says he should act like her and victimizing himself.
    • That’s the extent of his ‘shit talking’, but it was enough to upset Natalie.
    • Time to go watch the nomination episode on CBS
  • 8:05pm – Back from watching the episode and Fear the Walking Dead.
    • First, nice job Natalie on playing it up for the camera how you’d save James with the veto.  Sure.  Just like Paulie was going to save Corey.  Bull
    • Second, it’s good to see FTWD picking up a bit. I think I figured out what has been wrong with the show. It confused me because I’m not too into action or horror movies. I’ll watch them, and enjoy them, but I’ll take a movie with a lot of dialog (as long as it’s interesting and suspenseful – like a Pulp Fiction). What FTWD was missing was suspense. It had bits of action and horror, but not a whole lot of sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next moments. It had a bit of that tonight, and hopefully they keep going with it.
    • To the house…. Nicole and Corey are outside at the hot tub when Paul and Victor join them to chat
    • Paul points out how Natalie randomly brings up how she’s not into looks, which implies the rest of the house is shallow.  It also strong implies she is saying James doesn’t have the looks (that’s what I hear every time she brings it up)
    • paul-nicole
    • I understand what Paul is getting at. I don’t (didn’t) date people for their looks, but I happened to score a hot wife.  If I went around telling anyone who listened that I don’t date for looks, they would think I was saying my wife isn’t hot.  Even if Natalie does think James is good looking, but her giving herself a pat on the back every few days, it’s like she’s convinced otherwise.
    • Paul thinks they are holding off the comic book veto challenge until they’re in the final 4 so they can use the superhero theme.  Sorry man, I don’t think they’re doing BB comics this year
  • 10:00pm – Nicole and Corey are outside playing dominoes.  That’s it.  I’m sure people watching BBAD are loving this excitement

Check back for updates

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