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How I feel right now

Sunday Funday In The Big Brother House

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I swear it’s like clockwork. Whenever I’m away or actually have plans, something happens to the site. Screw Murphy’s Law, I’m calling it Steve’s Law.

Alright, so last night I went to a concert (5 seconds of summer) for my daughter. I think I deserve father of the year for that because I heard sounds that I didn’t think were humanly possible. To be fair, on the way in, I found another father who hooked me up with earplugs, but they were the industrial orange kind and I felt like an old man wearing them. So, I toughed it out. Look, I’ve been to a lot of concerts, baseball and hockey games, but nothing compares to the sound of screaming teenage girls when their favorite band tells them to get loud. Absolutely insane. In addition to the noise, the girl next to me was going absolutely nuts and hit me in the head a few times and stomped on my feet. I’m not complaining, that part was funny. I love seeing people get so into their music where they just lose themselves. So, random blonde girl next to me last night, no worries about it.

Enough about the concert, let’s do a quick rundown of the Big Brother house.

  • Gidget won herself the PoV, but apparently hurt her ankle in the process. She was seen using crutches later in the evening.
  • Bronte was going to ask to be pulled off, but she doesn’t want to risk Natalie replacing her, so she’s just going to stay up
  • Frank promised Natalie even if she goes up, Tiffany will be going home
  • Nicole peed her pants during a prank of sleeping houseguests. Pretty funny to watch. You can see that at 2:40am. A few girls are dancing in the kitchen while Nicole runs by them screaming how she peed herself.
  • Natalie noticed that James has been keeping his distance. It’s good that he is because she apparently told Corey she doesn’t like James in that way. Corey and Nicole debated on telling James that. They decided against it, for now

Not as in depth as Amy’s overnight, but I’m still nursing a headache from last night.


Sunday Updates:

  • 10:40am – James and Corey are outside alone talking game. They’re talking about ways to get Frank out.
    • james
    • Gidget has emerged from the HoH room. Notes from the comment section. I guess this happened when she won the PoV and she did a celebration jump-bump with Frank. Seeing as he outweighs her by like 100lbs, I guess he accidentally knocked her to the ground and may have landed on her ankle.
    • Side note – Injuries from celebrating victories are the most embarassing kind. It happens a lot in the NFL. The only time you should be celebrating enough to get injured is if you win the championship. Anyone who gets injured celebrating a sack or whatever deserves the embarrassment lol
  • 11:15am – So much for James keeping his distance. He is up in the HoH spooning Natalie.
  • 2:00pm – Slow house this afternoon
    • How I feel right now
      How I feel right now
  • 2:15pm – Frank doing some self talking in the Safari room
    • He said his game is all over the place right now (understatement)
    • He’s still working with the vets, and the 7pack – 8pack if you count Paulie (Tiffany was kicked out)
    • At the same time it’s him, Paulie, and Corey
    • He’s also getting closer with Gidget and the Spy Girls
    • He’s also close with Paul
    • “I’m a pretty good spot right now. Much better than I was in my last season” (oh Frank, you don’t know the half of it)
    • He doesn’t know where his real loyalties are yet.  He thinks Nicole, Bridgette, Paulie and Corey all have his back
    • To summarize – Frank thinks he’s in good shape. He is going to be in for a Jozea-like shock soon
  • 3:30pm – Frank and Corey are chatting about what is happening in the world. He is frustrated because he still doesn’t know who won the NBA Finals.
    • Talking about how the Olympics are going on and the stuff in the water. Then realized it’s his second summer Olympics in a row he was in the house
  • 3:58pm – Paulie is talking with Corey privately about their little showmance alliance. They feel they’re in good shape, especially when they get Frank out.
    • (note: their showmance alliance is them with Nicole+Z)
    • Paul comes in and joins the conversation. They are pretty open in front of him, to the point where Paul is pretty safe for awhile if he keeps his head low
    • James walks in and confirms they have the votes to get Frank out next week.
    • Natalie enters, they stop talking. Don’t even care how obvious they are when she says “You guys can keep talking”. Corey & Paulie are Cody & Derrick.
  • 4:22pm – Frank is telling the girls that he even went as far as telling Danielle that he had a crush on her when he was on the block. It didn’t work obviously
    • He is also talking about the other castmates his season. He said Danielle was super entitled, but she did call to apologize a few years later.
    • They talked about the house reaction when Frank won America’s Favorite. They said Dan peeked over and saw the name before Julie announced it and made a weird face.
    • Frank tells the girls that nobody sucks his own d**k more than Dan. He is so arrogant and gushes about himself. (I believe that. Dan is a great player, but he does have a massive ego)
    • He then talks about how live feed interviews, Dan was spraying some mist called “Dan’s Mist” because Brittany got it in his head that he had an aura around him.
    • Bronte mentions the funeral and how Dan wrote this long 7 part thing. Frank jumps out that Dan is full of shit. The funeral did nothing. The only reason that worked is because right after, he went up into the HoH room, ratted out his whole alliance and swore on the bible, his ring, and his grandfather’s cross or something like that.
    • Frank says he liked Dan before they played together. They also got along early on in the house. He just says Dan is good at getting people who are weak-minded to do his dirty work
    • (I’m talking a lot about this because that season was fun to watch, so it is interesting to hear Frank’s PoV)
  • 4:40pm – Meanwhile, Tiffany is playing her sister’s game of sitting alone hibernating for the first few days of being on the block. She’ll probably come out swinging sometime around Tuesday
    • tiffany-alone
  • 5:26pm – Paulie is talking to Van2.0 and she is saying how bad she wants Frank out this week. I think this will be her angle for the house to decide to keep her
  • 5:30pm – Feeds down. I think it is for the reward someone won during the veto competition yesterday. This is a good time for me to watch the CBS episode
  • 7:30pm – Watched the episode, and an episode of Arranged (what a weird show). I don’t think they had the food reward yet as the house is still getting ready.
    • michelle-day-nicole
  • 8:00pm – Everyone but 6 remain from the luxury reward. Corey and Nicole are chatting in the safari room. Let’s see if they say anything interesting….
    • Nicole says she doesn’t trust Day and knows she’s going to get screwed soon
    • Nicole wants Bronte out this week, but she is saying Z is really set on Tiffany, and most people are
  • 8:50pm – The house is really, really slow because of the luxury thing, so I am going to check out for the night

Overnight in the morning!

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