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Tensions Fill The Big Brother House

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When Megan left the house, people wondered if they were just going to throw the week away like they do on Survivor a lot (no eviction that week).  When Christmas was out getting x-rays, the house assumed if she was gone then they would certainly just scrap the week. What they don’t seem to realize is that they’re not on shows like Survivor. Big Brother is a 24/7 show that takes place all summer long and they can’t just skip evictions for the week unless they do it on Thursday night at the last minute.  Why?  Because of weeks like this week.

Had they just said the house has a week off when Megan left, we would never have seen Cody try to nominate Paul then be forced to nominate Christmas which set her on fire. We would never have watched the Cody/Jessica alliance with the rest of the house slowly deteriorate as it’s been doing the last few days.  Nor would we see the veteran Paul playing as hard as he’s been playing despite saying he wasn’t going to play so hard. It would have been a dull week and that’s why there is no chance that even if Christmas was sent home that they would have scrapped the week.  For every person who quits the show just increases the chance of someone coming back later in the season for a buy-back twist.

That leads me to elaborate on what has been happening over the last 24 hours.  Ever since Cody went rogue and decided to try to nominate Paul without his alliances approval, he has been losing the support of everyone – including Jessica who is seen jokingly asking him if he wants another baby below….


Cody realizes he screwed up so he has been trying to pretend that was his strategy all along so he can take the heat off his alliance and keep the target on himself. He has been working hard to clear Jessica’s name, but it appears to be failing because even her closest female friend in the house, Elena, is just about done with her and Cody.

Why the turnaround?  Because Cody tried to nominate the two most aggressive people in the house on the same day. It was bad enough that he tried to put Paul up (he was denied because of the temptation twist), but then went after Christmas instead.  The only thing this did was create an absolute onslaught of Paul and Christmas hounding the rest of the house to evict Jillian. Paul has been able to get Raven and Elena to eat out of his hands while Christmas has a sneaky top notch social game going on with others in the house. She was cast as the physical beast, but her social game to this point has been as good if not better than what she can bring physically.  Now that she is injured, that only makes her social game even stronger.

Where does this leave the house? Paul and Christmas are going to keep fighting to evict Jillian which may end up blowing up in their faces because of the annoyance factor, but it’s kind of needed because Jillian still has a handful of votes to keep her – in addition to the tiebreaker. The next few days are going to get even more interesting as the duo continue to campaign while trying to not over-campaign and become annoying.

Today is Independence Day, so I hope everyone has a great and safe day. I may take a little time off today but I will keep watching the feeds and post if anything worth noting happens.  Worst case is that I won’t do a live update thread today but end up posting a recap later on tonight.  Have a good day!

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