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The Fall Of The Super Fan; Tuesday Night Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone! I had a nice day off today thank you to Brianna (who did an excellent job). I am feeling better and better about going away now that I have a few writers I can rely on combined with my tech guy monitoring over the backend of the site (credit him if you’ve noticed speed improvements over the last 2 weeks).  I swear every year I go on vacation and the site crashes.  This year, I finally feel confident.  On the downside, having my shift covered makes me sleep like Michelle (Paulie mentioned how she sleeps more than anyone he’s ever known – which is why they call her a cat). I guess resting up is good, as I’ll need it for next week. Speaking of, thank you so much to those who have donated this year. I really have been scaling back on the donation link compared to previous years, but watching the costs of the trip add up, I had to ask.

Enough about me. Time to talk about updates from the Big Paulie house. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed “super fan” did a speech during the veto meeting that likely sunk her ship. She finally decides to wake up and play, and it is when she’s sitting on the block next to the girl who is practically bumping uglies with the guy holding the power of veto. Good job! This is bonkersland to watch this season unfold. I can’t even begin to describe how bad these players are. Perhaps Michelle has resigned herself to going to jury, or maybe she really did only just realize that Paulie was running the house, but she took her time to not ask him to use the veto, but to make him a target.  She pointed out how he has played in 6 veto competitions and has won 3 of them for a 50% clip. I’m sure when she pointed out how good he’s been doing in comps, this is what his face looked like inside his mind…



Needless to say, any plan Paulie had of clipping Z while she was on the block pretty much went out the window when Michelle called him out in front of the entire house. Naturally, he was easily able to diffuse the situation with the rest of the house and laugh it off (because they’re bad), but at least she can say she went down swinging… considering that’s about all she can say about her summer in the house.


Time for some feed updates…. #butfirst  (seriously, BB hashtags that occasionally)


  • 5:00pm – Michelle and Victor head to the HoH room to chat.  As I look at the time of the feeds and the current time (5:45), I can’t believe it took me that long to write up those opening paragraphs. The sad part is, the grammar is probably still shit.
    • Walking up the stairs, Michelle talks about how she wants to get back to a normal sleep schedule. I guess she wants to get back to her 16 hours a day rather than 14
    • She immediately asks who he wants to stay this week. He tells her he wants her to stay, and she says she only needs 3 votes to stay if James uses his care package thing (2 votes removed)
    • Michelle points out how she’s heard people want her out because she is going to blow stuff up

      Mmmhmmm...Mmmhmmm... Yup.. Yup
      Mmmhmmm…Mmmhmmm… Yup.. Yup
    • She says she’s not coming after Victor or Bridgette… and she even means it! She also wouldn’t go for Paul
    • “It’s all about the numbers now, and having numbers to stay now” – Michelle….  (it’s always about the numbers, Michelle)
    • Victor says it’s in his best interest for her to stay (he is right). The problem he says is to sway people.
    • She asks if he trusts Paulie. “I do”…. “Really? After he backdoored you”. Ouch, Michelle going for the throat
    • Victor believes that there was an alliance of 8 and Paulie was on the outside, and it was them who basically manipulated his decision.
    • She points out how he was saying he wanted Paulie gone because he (Vic) is a physical threat)
    • “You guys are neck and neck. He doesn’t count your battle back competition wins”… look at Michelle go. Playing to Vic’s competitive side
    • “Btw, he is lying to you by saying the comp record is 10 when it’s really 7”.  Victor says he just wants to get to 10 wins on his own.  He has 6 right now (no, most people don’t count the 1v1 battle back comps. In order for it to count, it has to be a competition everyone – or veto players – play in, not just 2 evicted players)
    • Vic tells her she needs to talk to Paul. She said she has, but Paul is close with Paulie and probably scared of him
    • As expected, the conversation turns to just chatting about random things.
  • 5:20pm – Victor points out how James is doing his antics to win America’s Favorite again.
    • Michelle says the vets are getting $25k just to be there anyway (I heard something about them making more)  *cut to fish*
    • She asks to let her know if she’s going home so she can dress nice.
    • Trivia – Michelle has rear-ended 2 people and backed into 2 people with her car.  So hot tip, avoid Michelle if you see her driving
  • 6:30pm – They talk for a bit about non game crap, so I got bored and jumped live.
    • Now we sit here watching the daily Corey/Nicole show
    • corey-nicole
  • 7:00pm – Victor and Paul finish up a round of pool then we get to listen to Nicole chat with Bridgette while she drools over Corey who is working out on the other side of the yard
    • Nicole is gross this season.  Not her personality or her looks, but her gushing over Corey.  Get it together.  Listening to her talk to Bridgette about Corey is so weird. Do girls really act like that when they’re crushing on guys?
    • I can’t take this. I’m stepping out to get a strawberry lemonade from Wendy’s
  • 7:40pm – I’m back. Nicole removed her jaw from the floor and is jogging around the yard.  It must be because Corey went inside
  • 8:50pm – Everyone just hanging out. A few playing pool, Michelle in the hot tub.
  • 9:30pm – People still hanging around hottub chatting about various things.  The way they talk about uber makes me want to be a driver
    • Here is Z campaigning….
  • 10:00pm – James goes into the bedroom to wonder if Natalie is mad at him. She says no.
    • He keeps asking her if she’s mad.  These vets are sad.
    • “I tried talking to you today and you ignored me.  I have friends here who actually talk to me. But it’s cool” – Nat.
    • 5 minutes in, they’re still going back and forth about who ignored who throughout the day.
    • 20 minutes in, and James is still sitting at the foot of the bed having a very frustrating conversation with Nat.
  • 10:20pm – Switching feeds, Michelle says she wishes she could pull something from her butt right now.  Ok then
    • It’s a joke, she was referring to being able to make a move to stay in the game
    • She is talking to Bridgette about how Paulie is getting away with so much and nobody cares
    • Bridgette asks if Z knows she was the target earlier in the week. Michelle doesn’t know
    • michelle4
    • She asks Bridgette if Frank had any dirt on Nicole. Mentions how Jozea was right that Nicole is a snake
    • Michelle is regretting not using the veto on Frank.
    • She says ‘in that DR, I was this close to… ‘ *cut to fish*.. I’m going to guess the finish to that was ‘using the veto on Frank’.  This is because yesterday someone said how the veto speech is useless. In the DR session prior to the veto, they apparantly lock in their decision
    • Michelle said James votes on his own agenda, votes who he wants. Bridgette says “That’s a lie. He votes with the house” (true, James is super spineless in this game)
    • Bridgette is encouraging Michelle to say everyone is there to kiss Paulie’s butt during the eviction.
  • 10:56pm – Bridgette suggests her and Michelle flirt with Paulie to piss off Z and set her off before the end of the week.
    • Michelle liking Bridgette's idea
      Michelle liking Bridgette’s idea
    • Michelle says that Nicole was jealous of Bridgette during the midway party because she (Bridgette) was goofing off with Corey
    • So Bridgette wants to flirt with Paulie to have Z blow up and fight with Paulie before Thursday so he won’t want her to stay.  Clever
    • Michelle tells her to offer Paulie a testicle massage (lol.. first funny thing Michelle said this season)
  • 11:30pm – Talks have broken up. Michelle has moved into the room with Nat and James
    • She begins by sucking up to the couple saying they’re definitely not a grossmance
    • Michelle talks about the jealousy of the other girls (Nicole and Z)
    • The feeds were down a lot during their conversation, but it sounds like Michelle dropped some knowledge bombs on the couple
    • She told them Paulie talks shit about Natalie (which is true). He says he knows her friends, and knows Natalie is really a big party girl outside the house and is fake in it
    • Yup, Michelle is stirring shit up.  Now Natalie is going off on James about Paulie. She is telling him how Paulie flirts with her and says he is going to ‘wifey her up’
    • James keeps making excuses for him, and Natalie calls James out for it and says she shouldn’t have told him because James will take his side
  • 12:30am – Can’t sleep, flight anxiety kicking in, plus the feeds are interesting
    • Bridgette enters the room and talks a little about keeping Nicole. She tells them how they want to flirt with Paulie in ‘operation make Z jealous’.  James suggests one of those two do it.  Natalie is blown away
    • natalie-james-brid
    • They tell Bridgette how Z used to throw away her cookies.  Bridgette jokes how she’s going to send them cookies every month when they leave
  • 12:50am – Bridgette is in the bathroom HORRIBLY flirting with Paulie. She needs work.
  • 1:00am – Some whispers from Paulie and Nicole how they have to win the HoH for the double.  I guess I should hit the sack now

Overnight in the mornign

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