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The Power Shift In The BBOTT House

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It’s always fascinating to see how quickly a house can change during weeks where America doesn’t have as much power as they typically do.

This week, America will still be nominating someone and casting their vote, but we are forced to wait a week before handing out another care package. This means Shelby’s HoH will be entire care package free, and she was certainly willing to capitalize on this opportunity to advance her game.


Jason and Danielle both tried very early in the day to strike deals with Shelby/Morgan on making some final 4 pact, but to no one’s surprise, the girls had a tough time believing their word. Yes, this is exactly what I said could happen when I trashed Jason’s horrific ‘game move’ by trolling the girls. I said while it may not have any impact on jury, it still removes him from his pretty good position of being able to have a working relationship with both sides of the house. In addition to that horrible move (which Dani was involved in, as they formed a fake final 5 just for fun), Dani and Jason bailed from their double eviction plan of getting Justin out of the house. The latter move wasn’t malicious like the former, as Dani was indeed contemplating doing that but chickened out, but the two broken deals in less than a week pretty much eliminated all trust Shelby had in the pair.

This left the girls with the options of either making a deal with the devil, or trying their luck with someone they think hates them (Justin). Despite being told that Justin wasn’t even going to attempt to talk with the girls, he actually did, and it may have saved his season.  They immediately discussed their alleged dislike for one another, and both sides said they have nothing person against the other. Then Shelby went right at it and told him if they got rid of Danielle this week, the final care package (which likely guarantees him a spot in the final 4), will default to him. This immediately opened Justin up to talking deals, and it didn’t take long for them to agree to work together and bring Kryssie along for a final 4 pact. They even made an alliance name – The Jambalaya Gang. So, it’s happening for at least one week. Assuming America’s Nom doesn’t do something like put Morgan on the block, Danielle is almost certain to leave this week.


Interesting turn of events, that is for sure.


  • 10:45am – Big Brother calls them all into the living room
    • They then play the wake-up message to troll the house.  It’s funny when they pretend it’s something important to force them into the living room only to remind them of the rules.
  • 12:30pm – Kryssie is talking to Justin in the kitchen
    • She is worried about the deal because she doesn’t want to screw over Jason. Apparently, she’s playing the game to win Jason $250k
    • Justin keeps telling her that he’ll cut him if he has to
    • Kryssie says if he goes to the finals with the ‘golden girls’ he’s not going to win.  Umm, he has a better chance against the girls than Jason
    • kryssie-talking2
    • Justin doesn’t know if he can trust Jason (he can’t).  Kryssie says if it comes down to Dani, Jason or Morgan, Morgan won’t take him to the end.  She really wants to get rid of Morgan if the shot is there. Because, loyalty?
  • 1:50pm – Kryssie is talking to Jason in the bathroom and she seems to be on the verge of breaking
    • Jason trashing Justin a bit saying he is a user and that’s how he got to the top in life. He likely used a bunch of people to get what he wanted
    • Kryssie says if he (Justin) takes a deal with the girls he is stupid because they won’t take him
    • She isn’t quite flipping on Justin, but she’s certainly working both sides to keep Jason happy
  • 2:10pm – Jason is trying to get some info out of Justin in the kitchen, but Justin is playing like he doesn’t know anything
    • So, the three had a long conversation that essentially boiled down to voting out Danielle this week. They did a lot of trashing of her and said it’s really the three of them. Whatever.
  • 3:30pm – Kryssie and Justin talking in the bedroom
    • Kryssie says she feels bad for doing this to Danielle, but “she doesn’t need the money”.  Apparently her criteria for winning is the size of someone’s bank account, not how hard they played?
    • I am so sick of hearing that.  Most people need the money.  Big Brother is not a damn charity.  It’s nice if the money is life-changing for someone, but the person should also deserve to win
  • 7:00pm – Stepped out for a bit. Back for noms.
    • First safe = Justin
    • Second safe = Kryssie
    • Kryssie pretends to be shocked
    • kryssie-safe
    • Dani triggered while Jason and Kryssie try to play dumb about it all

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