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The Reality of Raven by Mell

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Raven has been a big topic with the majority of the house lately. The hg’s are tired of the shrieking, childish behavior, her need to be the center of attention and constantly wanting to one-up everyone. She actually unzipped her pants practically to her vajayjay recently to show them a scar simply because Christmas had her foot exposed for the first time and the hg’s saw her injury. Not only are they out of patience with her, they’ve started to vocalize opinions about her that they haven’t been comfortable sharing before because nobody wants to be the bad guy. (at least in this situation, they’ve actually been fighting over who gets to be the bad guy most of the season)  It was nice to see CBS show a segment of some of Ravens outlandish comments but we wouldn’t want some of the others to be forgotten. I’ve put together a list of information Raven has shared with the houseguests this summer. I’m sure it isn’t a complete list because I don’t transcribe everything she says. Can you believe someone on the production staff actually has to do that job? (I bet they’re spending the end of September in therapy or with a whole lot of liquor!)

She’s made a lot of ridiculous comments and told lies about the other houseguests. There may be a bit of that on the list but I tried to stay away from those things because it’s Big Brother and making up lies about each other is part of the game. I didn’t bother with things like lying about pouring out the coke, hiding the cat ears or slut shaming Jessica. I’m not listing how she said that she and Paul have made the most game moves this summer or her discussion with Matt about no one in the house realizing how hard they’re playing the game. Let’s look at this list more as “announcements” Raven has made. I wrote a story about Raven earlier this season and thought I may take a little heat for it for picking on the sick girl. It didn’t happen because it turns out, fans who can’t agree about Paul, seem to come together and agree about Raven. Here is a list of some of Ravens “announcements.”

  • Raven has two diseases and they are terminal.
  • One of her diseases doesn’t have a name and only one other family in Sweden has it too.
  • Raven almost didn’t come to BB because her mom is dying, having surgery and at the end of her life.
  • Raven’s pacemaker isn’t FDA approved- it’s still experimental.
  • The FDA recalled a bad batch of pacemakers and hers was one of them and it had “shorted out.”
  • Raven and her mother are both members of Mensa.
  • Raven’s mom holds the record for running the shortest mile at Arkansas State.
  • Raven could have gone to school in Australia because she had a scholarship there.
  • When she was 8 years old, a serial killer knocked on the door and tried to kidnap her.
  • Raven is friends with Paul and Victor in real life.
  • They first found out about Raven’s illness when she was 15.
  • The doctor wanted her to have a hysterectomy before she came into the BB house.
  • She has a mutated chromosome 10.
  • She’s had eight surgeries.
  • She died on the operating table two different times.
  • When her pacemaker stops, she will starve to death.
  • She needed 4 stitches in her foot after she cut it on the stairs.
  • They first found out about her illness when she was 8 years old.
  • Raven, her mother, and brother all need new pacemakers every year.
  • Raven needs knee surgery.
  • She’s had four different pacemakers.
  • She has one year to live.
  • They gave her 5 stitches when she cut her toe on the stairs.
  • They found out about Raven’s illness when she was 14.
  • They had to send her doctor a picture of her toe before they could give her any medical treatment in the diary room.
  • She has two years to live.
  • Raven’s moms disease was activated when Raven was born.
  • Her brother’s disease hasn’t been activated yet but he probably needs a pacemaker every year.
  • Raven has five years to live.
  • She has been updating her will since she was 14.
  • Raven needs 25k to freeze her eggs.
  • There is a 80% chance if she has a baby it will have her disease.
  • She can’t have kids because her uterus is too small.
  • She has arthritis in her hips, legs, arms, back and knees.
  • She has endometriosis and she says that means her organs have a rash.
  • She’s had several concussions.
  • When she cut her toe they thought she may have had a concussion because she hurt her elbow, her butt and her head.
  • She was stabbed with scissors while taking out the trash and a friend of hers gave her 11 stitches at home.
  • Raven shattered her growth plate, otherwise she would have competed in the Olympics as a gymnast.
  • Her grandparents sold everything they owned to pay for her surgeries.
  • She doesn’t have a car.
  • She signed her life over to her doctor so they can experiment on her if they want.
  • Raven has thyroid problems.
  • Raven was dropped in a dance competition, got a concussion and had a “brain bleed.”
  • Raven stopped growing at 13.
  • She vomits 14 times a day.
  • Her grandparents sold everything they owned to pay for her mother’s surgeries years ago.
  • Cameron, Cody, and Josh have all looked at her in a way that makes her uncomfortable.
  • She can’t bear to be around violence due to her past experiences.
  • Cody ended their relationship when he found out she couldn’t have children.
  • Raven has a phobia of the stairs going to the HOH ever since she cut her toe and it’s similar to PTSD.
  • She can’t help with the rat trap because it will turn off her pacemaker.
  • She’s worried when she gets out of the house she may not have her car anymore if her mom wasn’t able to keep up on the payments.
  • Raven’s mom has been struck by lightning.
  • Raven will be bald soon.
  • Raven is so afraid of spiders that she starts screaming uncontrollably, hitting herself and has tantrums when she sees them.
  • She is 200K in debt for medical bills.
  • Raven has a very hard time gaining weight.
  • Her hair will turn white in 3 years.
  • BB said she should use a large trash bag for showering.  (she only did it the day before her stitches were removed.)
  • She is 250K in debt.
  • Some people with GP can cure theirs with a good healthy diet but since she has the most severe kind, she can’t.
  • Raven can’t eat very much food and that’s why she can’t gain weight.
  • Ravens medicine helps with her nausea but she didn’t bring enough with her for the summer.
  • Her mom’s kidneys are located in the wrong place in her body.
  • It was very expensive for Raven to get her medication before coming to BB because she had to get three months worth in advance.
  • Raven can’t eat chicken. (maybe her chicken parm doesn’t count)
  • She spent 2 Days in the hospital after getting food poisoning from eating a CHICKEN quesadilla at Outback.
  • Raven gets held up for hours every time she’s at the airport because they think she’s a terrorist.
  • Raven will die if she eats steak.
  • If an iPhone is near her stomach it will stop her pacemaker.
  • Raven has an inverted spine.
  • Raven won’t die if she eats steak but she will scream in pain for hours.
  • Raven’s pacemaker will explode if she goes below 10 ft in water.
  • Raven and her mother both had their colons removed.
  • Every month when Raven has cramps she has to go to the hospital for 2 days.
  • Raven had an epidural put in backward during a procedure and was awake for the surgery. (If she was awake why didn’t she just say “yo, I’m still awake.”)
  • The doctor’s accidentally left large gaping holes in her after one surgery and she could see her organs.
  • Raven can’t drink milk or have dairy products.
  • Her organs, muscles, and nerves are dying in her body.
  • Raven’s muscles deteriorate every year.
  • Raven’s grandparents sold everything they owned to pay her doctor bills.
  • Raven thinks it’s disgusting for anyone to have sex in the Big Brother house.
  • Raven is sure her Zing from Zingbot was because her mascara runs when she plays in competitions.
  • She used to live with her boyfriend who had a rare disease and he could have died at any time.
  • Raven said when Matt tickled her, he almost made her have a seizure.
  • Raven speaks Arabic.
  • Raven’s mom speaks 5 languages.
  • Raven can’t eat at a buffet because if the food has sat out very long, she can’t handle the bacteria because of her disease.
  • Raven has ulcers.
  • Raven can’t eat the Shepherds pie Alex made since it has ground beef so she eats the ground beef tacos she makes instead.
  • She has rough knee syndrome.
  • Raven’s bones are deteriorating.
  • She has one ovary smaller than the other.
  • She has no cartilage in her knee.
  • When Raven has dance competitions, she only gets 6-8 hours of sleep total over 3 days.

Since being in the house, Raven has injured her hand with Josh’s frying pan while being several feet from it, burned her chest, burned her head, hurt her knee multiple times, chipped her tooth, cut her finger multiple times, hurt her finger opening a loaf of bread, hurt her toe multiple times, has a swollen knee after a competition and has announced she has salmonella in her finger. My best guess from observation is that Raven consumes anywhere from 5,000-6000 calories per day but Raven says she can’t eat very much due to her nutritional issues. I’m sure by the time the season ends and even before this post gets published, there will be many more “announcements.”

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