Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Whining Is Real In The BBOTT House – Friday Updates



Rant time – First, remember how the LNJ used to call the girls fake?  Well, this same crew sits around and plays nice with them all day and then heads off together to bitch and whine about ‘entitled’ the girls are. Last night around midnight, Jason and Kryssie spent quite a bit of time crying about how their lives are so tough and how Morgan and Shelby have had such easy lives, and easy times in the BB house.

Yes. The same guy who was selected twice to play in a game that could win him either $500k or $250k (depending on the season) is complaining about how “some people just get everything handed to them”. The same guy who has been carried by America for most of the season is complaining about how the two girls haven’t had any pressure all season. Yes, if you ignore the fact that America has screwed them over nearly every week and Alex/Morgan/Shelby have been in a ‘win or go home’ situation for the past like 3 weeks. No pressure whatsoever.

It’s so embarrassing listening to him and Kryssie go back and forth with how tough their lives are which for some reason makes them think they deserve to win the game more than the others.  Yes, their lives may have been tougher outside the house, and they have had it tougher growing up (not entirely sure because the girls don’t constantly whine about their lives), but Big Brother is not a damn charity. Stop thinking you deserve the win based on the size of your bank account.  Alright, I can go into a longer rant, but I’m not going to. I hate hearing them whine about stuff like that when I live in the same state as Jason. I know how many opportunities this state offers in terms of job training, education, etc. He’s the one to blame for living with his parents and working at a grocery store.

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Alright, done with my rant, updates:

  • 8:45am – Still super early in the house. Mostly posted to get my rant out
  • 11:45am – Everyone still in bed… Production just gave up lol
  • 1:00pm – Justin receives the care package
    • justin-carepackage
    • No new details. He has to complete a challenge, but no news when. I assume it will be before safety tomorrow
  • 4:45pm – Justin got his challenge, he is practicing for it now
    • final4comp
    • He has to walk across it and ring the bell.
    • He only had to go from black platform to black platform then ring bell.  He nearly fell and jumped halfway. He got it

Check back for updates

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