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One Less ‘Non’ Threat To Deal With

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So far in the Big Brother 16 season, it’s been a pretty… interesting season.  I am trying to be as polite as I can, so bear with me. Within days of entering the house, a group of six guys and two girls formed an alliance that has been controlling things ever since. One of the alliance members did go home, but that was more like a mafia style hit than a blindside by a floater. Devin – the one alliance member home – went rogue and was a real threat to the alliance from the beginning.  He was the one who randomly invited Christine and Amber, and was really a loose cannon.

There was only one houseguest outside the alliance who had a slight clue what was really going on, and that person was Brittany.  For that reason alone, she became the number 1 threat to the ‘bomb squad-detonators’ (more on that below), and had to go. The power alliance in the house has things under so tight of control, even Victoria was itching to get Brittany out of the house. Why would Victoria want Brittany gone? Petty reasons that are guaranteed to cost her $500k, that’s for sure.

note – I called it bomb squad-detonators because the detonators are the ‘bomb squad’ minus Caleb and Amber, yet they still think the bomb squad is active


At this rate, I have almost no doubt the final 5 will consist of Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and probably Christine. The only thing that has the possibility for excitement at this point is that fact that nearly everyone in that alliance has final 2 deals with different people. However, the way this house is going, if and when they find out, they’ll shrug it off and go back to talking about how cute Cody is.

During the live eviction, it came as no surprise to anyone that Brittany was evicted in a unanimous vote. The only non unanimous vote this season came for Paola and that was expected as well. Donny and Jocasta voted to keep their friend in, even though it was well known Paola was going home.  I will have to do some research on the last time we’ve had this many unanimous votes this early, but there have been 46 votes cast this season, and only 2 went against the house. Shocking.

The HoH competition went about as you’d expect as well. The competition was the music trivia challenge where a song is sung about one of the competitions, and the houseguests have to buzz in and pick whether it was HoH, BoB, or PoV.  The loser is out, the winner picks the next two challengers. Four out of the final five standing were detonators, and the fifth detonator was outgoing HoH so he couldn’t play. Derrick did a very generous thing and threw the final challenge against Frankie, which not only secured slop for a week for Derrick, but one of the HoH slots for Frankie.  Very classy move, and it’s one of the reasons Derrick is a huge favorite to win it all right now.

The other final competition featured Zach against Christine, and Zach Attack was able to pick the right challenge to secure the final HoH spot.  This means Zach and Frankie will be picking nominees tomorrow, and they will battle against each other.  I’m going to take a guess who the nominees will be right now…

Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole

In other news, Team America was given their third challenge.  They are given the task to stir up the house and cause a fight at the nomination ceremony, or the veto meeting.  Apparently Big Brother loved the veto blowup early this season and are forcing another.  We’ll see if it happens.


Also, before I forgot, the havenots were announced as well.  The laziest people of the week:

Derrick, Nicole, Caleb, Christine… congrats?

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