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Thursday Discussion – Another Week, Another Blindside

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house which means that the feeds are going to be down for a big chunk of the day as production prepares for the live show. I say this weekly, but there are always new people to the show and the site that wonder where the feed updates are on Thursday. Most weeks, nothing happens on this day, but if something does, I’ll always break in and cover it.

Alright, on to the week that was supposed to be exciting but was actually a huge dud. We had all this in one week:

  • A blindside eviction (Bayleigh)
  • A potential power flip (Haleigh winning HoH)
  • A dramatic PoV competition
  • A friend of the HoH potentially going home on her watch

But, the feeds were surprisingly quiet. The biggest stir came briefly after Rockstar was nominated by the hacker (Kaycee) and a little after Tyler won PoV. Even when feeds were set in stone on Monday, they returned to Rockstar feeling sad that Kaycee was going home this week. What?


Yes, after everything we’ve seen this season, Rockstar was so confident in the votes – on Monday – that she pulled Kaycee aside to wish her well and all that jazz. Absolutely incredible.  To her credit, Haleigh has actually found many of the puzzle pieces. She noticed Angela/KC write a ‘6’ in their hats and wondered why. She instantly thought KC won the hacker. She’s also pointed out other strange things that her alliance glossed right over yet she just can’t put the puzzle pieces together. She’s like … hmmm .. it’s at the tip of my tongue….

Maybe Kaitlyn will summon some guides to tell me who I’m trying to think of

I do also want to talk about Rockstar screwing up the PoV not once, but twice, but I have a feeling she’ll be hearing enough of that when she gets home and don’t want to rub salt in the wound. Seriously. I absolutely love to make fun of people when they do stupid stuff like that (see above with Kaitlyn) but Rock’s was just painful to watch. It’s like watching JR Smith run around clueless with the ball that cost his team a win in the finals. That stuff is just haunting to a person and you end up feeling bad for them.

That leads us to tonight..

Rockstar should be evicted which will make her PoV loss sting more. Sam has been having a really hard time this season and it’s not going to get any easier tonight when she has to choose between the friendship of RS or Tyler. JC is also super unreliable as he’s making no secret about trying to play both sides of the house and could change his mind at any moment. It’s a scary thought to have your entire season rely on JC and Sam, but that’s what Kaycee is doing yet she seems okay with it. Either she’s really good at hiding nerves, or she’s comfortable enough with those two people for some reason.


Rock, on the other hand, pretends to be comfortable but has been the one stressing and I believe it’s because she knows the votes are not set in stone. I mean she’s counting on Brett for a vote. The guy she harassed after he randomly threw her under the bus on live TV. The guy she obsessed over for weeks after. The guy who has been saved by Angela and Tyler not once but twice over people they thought were close. Rock knows she’s in trouble tonight no matter how hard she denies it.

After she’s evicted, the house is going to play the slip-n-slide HoH competition where they race back and forth to fill a bubblegum thing full of liquid. This competition is open to nearly everyone as every single person has the chance to win it.  These are some of the more athletic people remaining in the house and the only one who probably doesn’t have much of a chance is Sam (watch her win).  JC may also suffer because of his small legs but I don’t think it will hurt him enough to prevent him from winning.

Alright, rambling done.  I’ll create a post if there is something to report about. Until then, remember if you want to watch the HoH competition play out, you can get the live feeds here!

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