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Thursday Feed Updates – Not Much Happening Today

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The power has shifted once again in the Big Brother house with a crucial win by Shelby last night in the HoH competition. It was the face morph comp, and pretty much the entire house struggled – except Shelby. Whitney couldn’t complete it in the 30 minutes she was given, Alex barely completed the puzzle at 20+ minutes and Kryssie couldn’t beat that number. It seemed like it was going to be a long night until Shelby went and shocked everyone in the house by completing it in just over 3 minutes. Quite an impressive feat for someone Jason has been calling a ‘hooker waitress’ and ‘prostitute’ all season long.

What happens next depends on the viewers because Shelby is only going to be given 50% power this week due to the care package. It is Co-HoH week, so Shelby will share her duties with either Danielle, Jason, Justin, Whitney, or Morgan.  From the sounds of it, LNJ fans are pushing for Jason while BS’ers are pushing for Whitney.  I say this not to influence votes, but to just spread the word so votes are not split.


Here is the link for the Care Package voting

Personally, I have stepped back from pushing for one side over the other because I’m back at the stage now where I just want some drama. I thought it was extremely unfair that Jason was put into the house in a season where America had so much influence, but I think he has worn out his welcome with many viewers combined with others like Justin stepping up to become fan favorites. This no longer guarantees Jason a victory if he’s in the final 3, so I’m happy about that.  Not because I don’t think Jason should win, it’s because I don’t think he should win simply because he has more influence outside the house. That is completely shitty to the people who played the game real hard while Jason spent the first half of the season smoking and talking shit about the rest of the house.


With that said, another reason I am easing up on Jason is because he has actually been playing the game more over the past week. He is reaching the point where if he wins, it will be because he played a better game than the rest, and not because he’s friends with Da’Vonne or has a bunch of twitter followers of his own. He survived the first few weeks when he was a big target, and has been able to make the rest of the house forget that he’s still a major threat due to America. That took a lot of social skills, so I give credit where it’s due.  Finally, with Whitney playing both sides of the house and spending more time with the LNJ, she has done a good job at lightening the mood of that side.  Before Whitney, the LNJ pretty much hated life, but now they’re finally starting to have a little fun and have dramatically calmed down on the 24h shit talk sessions.

I’m sure I’m going to take shit for my opinion, but that’s ok…


  • 12:30pm – The house is on outdoor lockdown, so everyone just laying around doing nothing
  • 3:20pm – Shelby is alone in the HoH before grabbing her stuff and running to the cameras
    • She thanks her friend Monica for all her things
    • Shelby says she is going to use her trial practice skills to take everyone out
    • She’s also sorry for saying the letter was stupid, but it kind of was. She does know that there wasn’t much Monica could have talked about because she can’t reveal how they know each other, so she understands it being a bland letter
    • shelby-alone
  • 3:30pm – Most waiting around for Julie’s Q&A today
  • 4:00pm – Julie time. I’ll highlight any interesting questions…
    • Julie asks how Shelby completed it so fast. Shelby gives a generic answer. The real answer is because she’s smart and handled it perfectly. What she did was to reveal one picture at a time and put the name of the person she was 100% sure of on the image. She didn’t reveal them all at once so she didn’t get flooded.  After going one at a time, she had 7 names gone (6 if you factor in the CB/Morgan last one which was super easy). This meant she just needed to look at the remaining images one by one again and know that those 6 people were likely one of them except for the one wildcard of one person being played twice (which was Monte). It was basic process of elmination in addition to being smart and observant.
    • She asks Alex about how it feels losing a friend in the game.
    • Julie shows them a clip of the veto competition
    • julie-house
    • Justin accidentally called Julie ‘baby’ and the house laughs.  This is because he did it before and she shot him down saying the other person who can call her that is her husband.  This time she says he apologized, but she threatened to bring some ghosts back lol
    • Next Wednesday is a double eviction – even though I’m pretty sure she said there was no double eviction a few weeks back
    • First, eviction is at right after the recap episode, but that will happen earlier this week at 5pm/8pm. So, eviction should be around 9pm est
    • The second will happen later that night. Busy night
    • She finishes with ‘Next Wednesday, expect the unexpected because this season, everything is different’
  • 4:55pm – The four girls were in the HoH room. Whitney leaves for her pickles that Justin cooked
    • As soon as she left, they discuss how one of those three need to win HoH and it’s pretty clear they’re moving on without Whitney. Well, with her, but definitely outside their little circle. To summarize in an image I made yesterday…
    • circleoftrust
    • Shelby wants to take Justin out this week.  She says if he doesn’t win the CP or it doesn’t save him somehow, Morgan is going to want to be in the bathroom for her talk with him (like how he hid during Kryssie’s talk)
    • She plans on telling him about how he broke the deal with Scott and then threw her name under the bus
    • Mentioning all the times he has thrown her name out, and many other little comments he has made to her through the season
    • She says she thinks Justin will never have heard the type of speech she plans on giving him if he’s not safe.  Needless to say, she’s pissed about her treatment this season and the claws are coming out
  • 5:00pm – Time to do some homework. Be back shortly
  • 10:50pm – Back. Ballsmashers in the HoH, LNJ in HN room
    • Flashing back to 9:40 – Danielle is back to bitchville.
    • danielle-bitch
    • The group is talking about Shelby (shocker) and Danielle is making fun of her being a waitress who lives with her aunt and uncle
    • She is making fun of Shelby for living in Malibu while being broke but pretending she’s not (maybe Danielle should put the clues together?)
    • Yea, I had to stop watching. Scratch what I said earlier. The LNJ is still spiteful, bitter and vile

Check back for updates

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