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Thursday Feeds; Eviction Prediction 8/18

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Baldwin for America's Favorite??
Baldwin for America’s Favorite??

Good afternoon! It’s eviction day, and things are a bit slow in the house, so this probably won’t be a long thread. As of 11:00 am, the entire house was still asleep (must be exhausting roasting everyone). I’ll be blogging the live show tonight (thanks Steve!!), so be sure to keep an eye out for that later tonight.

As for tonight, I fully expect Paulie to walk out the door by a unanimous vote. He’s been trying so hard to convince people to vote to keep him, but fortunately, it didn’t work in his favor. He seems to believe that he has the roundtrip ticket, as the 10th card he picked was the only one in numerical order in the 10th spot (weird logic, I know). Here’s to hoping that he doesn’t have it! Also, make sure you go to CBS’s website and vote for the next care package (co-HOH). From what I’ve seen, it looks like Victor is the favorite to win, but we’ll find out later this week!

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  • 11:00am – Feeds on fish, maybe for a wakeup call
  • 11:17am – Feeds have switched to Jeff Loops
  • 12:37pm – Feeds still down
  • 1:05pm – Feeds back
    • Nicole is doing her makeup in the bathroom
    • Paulie asked Paul for a sympathy vote
    • Now Paulie is talking to Natalie and James and Nat says she’d give him a sympathy vote if Victor says it’s okay
    • Michelle says she’s going back to bed. I swear she sleeps more than anyone else in that house
    • James/Nat/Paulie are talking about how big of a threat Victor is
    • Paulie’s bragging that since he’s won so many comps, he can win HOH and VETO next week and that James and Nat can use him
    • Now he’s giving Natalie a pep talk and telling her that there’s going to be comps soon that she can win and she replies that her chance of winning the game is slim to none
  • 1:41pm – Feeds on Jeff loops again
  • 2:33pm – Feeds back and Baldwin is screaming at the camera
    • "James still owes me $5,000 !!"
      “James still owes me $5,000 !!”
    • Corey and Nicole are cuddling in the Tokyo room and Paul is cleaning a nasty cupboard in the kitchen
    • Paulie and Paul are in the London room, and Paulie is practically begging to stay
    • And Victor is cooking again
    • Paulie is promising that he’ll get Victor out next week
    • Paul runs into the kitchen because James dumped olive oil in the pan Paul was cooking with and it steamed and looked like it was burning
    • Paulie is talking to the camera now and he tells America that he’s not going down without a fight. He says he still has work to do, but if he stays, he’s fighting to go to the finals and that he’s not rolling over without a fight
    • Corey and Paulie are complaining about packing
    • Paulie is saying he hopes he has the RT ticket and Corey/Nicole say they hope he comes back
    • Corey called to DR
    • Paulie tells Nicole that he will reek havoc on the house and call everyone out if he stays. I really hope Nat/Paul/James aren’t buying his BS
    • Paulie now kissing his ticket
    • Nicole called to DR
  • 3:06 pm – Victor and Nicole arguing in the kitchen about how Nicole called him malicious and about how he had asked her out on a date. It was obvious Victor didn’t really want to talk about it
    • Feeds on Jeff loops again
  • 4:09 pm – I’m going to guess that the feeds will continue to be down until after the live show now. I still look for Paulie to leave. I think Nat/Paul/James were just humoring him. We’ll see tonight!

Check back later for the live show thread

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