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Is It Thursday Yet Live Blogging

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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s back to work for people, and time for you to wonder what has happened in the Big Brother house while you were on vacation.  The answer? Not a whole lot! To say this house has been off to a slow start would be an understatement.  There are a ton of whispers about what will happen in 2-3 weeks, but for the short term, it’s nothing.  Victor is leaving this week, Bronte or Tiffany will likely leave next. After that, one of those 5 will re-enter the house only to turn right around and walk out. The only bright side is that Tiffany may cause some drama, but that’s about it.

I’m going to jump straight to the feeds because I want to…


  • 1:20pm – Natalie is outside with Frank talking about how embarrassed she feels because of how she acted with Victor. She said she came off as a fool by liking him with her rejecting her. Frank tries to tell her otherwise. He looks like the asshole, and she looks like the keeper.
    • Poor Nat. She really does seem like a nice girl
    • She’s mostly upset because he was the one who really pushed it (as we saw during the first few CBS episodes), and as soon as she started liking him back, suddenly he backed off and said he didn’t want a showmance.
    • This is coming up now because he has suddenly been more and more friendly again with her – now that he’s on the block
  • 1:54pm – Nicole and Day are chatting. I guess the girls keep approaching Day to have ‘girls meetings’, and it even got weird enough where Corey asked her what the girl meetings where.
    • Day thinks Tiffany is doing that so the guys think there is some major girls alliance going on
    • Day knows they don’t have a chance if they’re sitting next to Zakiyah in the finals.
    • Both girls think Frank has to go soon because he is building up to be a power in the house (they’re right)
    • Zaki comes walking upstairs and Day books it to the bathroom. I guess the allianace of 5 has gone to 4, and now to 2.
  • 2:05pm – Day finally chats with Zaki on the couch
    • Both are planning on trying to sneak out Frank. They think Tiffany has to win HoH.  Could get interesting soon
    • The pair keep scheming about all different options until Frank joins.
    • Frank jokes how he’s full of pie, err, he meant slop  (both girls are on slop).  He then tells them he already has people volunteering to be on slop in the future. He is going to try to go as far as he can without being a havenot
  • 2:48pm – So many whispers about so many people. Paul and Paulie chat about people like Bronte. They are saying her veto speech was pretty brutal (can’t wait to see that).
    • Frank, Nicole, and Corey are in the HoH room chatting, and they are mentioning Bronte as well.  Bronte is pretty popular tonight.
    • Be back shortly, going to eat.
  • 5:45pm – Nicole, Michelle, Day, Zaki and Tiff are in the bedroom chatting about strategy (shocker). All this house seems to do is talk strategy, but it’s the same damn strategy.
    • For what this house lacks in drama, it makes up in game talk. Repetitive game talk
      Caught you changing, Nicole!
      Caught you changing, Nicole!
    • Things just got real (kind of).  Corey is in the HOH room talking with Paulie on the different feed. He is dishing some gossip he’s learned
    • Corey is comparing notes and learning that Frank has basically been promising final 3 deals with a bunch of people. He tells Paulie that Nicole, Day and crew want to get Frank out next week.
    • He also says Day made up something about Tiffany with her all-girls alliance.
    • Corey is saying Nicole told him that Frank wants Corey out before jury. Frank is telling them to throw the comp, and Nicole is telling him not to.
    • So, Corey and Paulie are unsure what to do right now. They don’t know if they can trust Frank, but they know they can’t get rid of him right now because the girls are getting a huge numbers advantage in the house. They both agree that Frank would want to take Z to the finals because he can beat her.
  • 6:12pm – Camera switches to Frank talking to Day
    • This conversation is literally more of the same so far. At this point it sounds like it’s just Frank digging his own grave by staying close to Day
    • After Frank leaves, Day just repeats ‘this is crazy… this is crazy’
    • Back to Corey and Paulie. They are discussing former seasons.
    • Paul is crying outside and Frank is comforting him
    • Frank is house therapist today
      Frank is house therapist today
  • 6:35pm – Day is in the bedroom talking with Tiffany, let’s see what develops here
    • Day lets Tiff know that Frank told Paulie about the 8pack.
    • Now the two of them are also comparing notes on Frank. But Tiffany is saying not to play too hard. Let Frank get himself into trouble (which is happening)
  • 6:55pm – Z and Day are talking about how Frank really needs to go. Uh oh. Sounds like his time to fight is coming sooner than later.
    • Day lets Z know what Paulie knows about the 8pack.  She tells him not to say anything right now
    • Tiffany enters the room and says that Frank is outside trying to recruit weaker girls like Bridgette and Natalie. They say he can’t get Bronte, and they’re probably right
    • Things are definitely about to come to a head between Frank and Day.
  • 7:15pm – Bronte and Bridgette are talking about this week still. Pfft. The other conversations have arleady moved on to next week, and these newbs are still saying how they should get out Vic while they can.
    • Meanwhile, James is outside talking to Corey. He jokes about how he (James) backed off Nicole for him. But he does say he is having feelings for Natalie even though he’s telling himself ‘no showmance’.
  • 8:15pm – James is doing his ‘no showmance’ with Natalie in bed whiel Frank and Michelle are outside chatting
  • 9:00pm – What did you do tonight?  Oh, just watched live feeds of girls trying to untangle hair extensions
    • extensions
  • 9:30pm – Frank, Paulie, and Z are in the HoH room talking. I gotta say, I like Frank, but his humor is getting repetitive. Joke about sending someone out, joke about sending someone out, joke about sending someone out
    • Frank leaves and Paulie mentions how he knows about the 8pack, but he says he doesn’t care because all big alliances break up.  You know he really cares
  • 10:15pm – What a weird day in the house.  Paul is talking to Tiffany right now about the general house feel. He is trying to tell her to relax a little, but I don’t think she’s getting it. I guess we’re at the point in the season when people start getting homesick and realize there is still a long, long summer

I’m about done for the day unless something interesting pops up. Getting too hot in this room!

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