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Will Tiffany Stay or Go – Round 2

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Reminder – feeds will most likely be down from Thursday night until after the show on Friday.  The show on Friday will reveal who wins the ‘battle back’ competition and re-enters the house. In my opinion, I think that is why they are taking so long to do the back yard. It is unlikely it will be an endurance comp, but something like the ball pit thing.  The reason for the extra setup is probably the battle back competition. Unlike how they made it sound, I think it will be all 5 evicted houseguests competing all on one night. That night will probably be tomorrow, and it will probably be teased toward the end of the live show.  It’s very possible the setup still remains (1 v 1) with Glenn vs Jozea, then winner vs Victor, etc rather than a 5 person comp.

This is important because it gives a big advantage to either tomorrow’s evicted houseguest, or an early evicted like Jozea, depending on the comp.  If it’s a carnival style luck game, Jozea gains practice every round he wins, and his advantage grows. If it’s a purely athletic comp, Jozea or Victor will have an early advantage, but could wear down by the time they have to face Tiffany (I’m saying her for the sake of argument. It could be Day). Personally I think Victor is going to win regardless, unless he doesn’t really have a desire to re-enter the house and gives a poor effort. No desire?  How could he! Right?  Well, look at it from his perspective. He’s been sitting in a hotel for 3 weeks probably bored to tears. His option is to either go home and try working on that acting career, or back into the house where he’ll almost certainly be kicked to the jury house where he spends the rest of his summer before people forget about him. Who knows, though.


To cut my rambling short, let’s talk about today. Frank is going to push pretty hard for Tiffany to stay. I am not sure she’ll have the same luck as last week considering Frank is already counting on people like Paul who are secretly team Day. The only real angle Frank can work is trying to get into Corey’s head about being down to 2 people in an alliance. He is going to keep trying to convince him there may be another competition (like the first) where someone from the losing team goes home. If he votes Tiffany out, that means he would be guaranteed to either go home or lose his partner if his team loses. Basically pushing the ‘don’t kill your pawn/buffer too soon’ strat. It’s actually a solid argument, but I don’t think anyone believes they would have another comp like that again considering the last few have just put the losing team as havenots.

Also – this is the last day to vote for favorite player of the week. Vote here


I’ll monitor the feeds throughout the day to see if the tide switches in Tiff’s favor, but if evictions were held right now, she’d be walking out the door.



  • 11:49am – The house is locked down to the HoH room. Feeds go to fish for awhile before they cut to Jeff loops.  Hmmm. Weird for a Wednesday
  • 12:45pm – Feeds still down. Twice this week having random Jeff loops. Must have something to do with the Battle Back
  • 1:18pm – Was about to go to the driving range, but feeds went down, and now I’m sitting here like an asshole waiting for them to get back. Thanks BB
  • 3:30pm – Looks like feeds have been back. I decided to go to the range after all.  Checking on Twitter, not sure what happened. Kind of weird all the HoH lockdowns
  • 3:45pm – Frank is sitting around the table talking about his season, and how he had that little makeout session with Ashley
    • frank-table
  • 4:20pm – The crew is still in the kitchen talking, while Natalie is takling to V in the HN room about her relationship with Paulie.  V is saying she has a good feeling about Nat and James as well.  Ugh
  • 5:00pm – Gidget and Tiff are in the bathroom whispering, while Michelle is chatting with Nicole in another room. I’ll see if they have anything interesting to say, but first, store run, brb
  • 6:30pm – Back, decided to watch the veto episode on CBS. That Da’Vonne hair flip was completely overblown.
    • When I left, my neighbor was watching BB. I wonder if she reads this blog
    • And I’m glad they showed that ridiculous ‘bred for this’ comment.
    • Da’Vonne is up in the HoH room. She wants to sleep, but she knows the second she leaves, they’ll be swarmed by Frank and crew
    • They talk about no longer cursing. Michelle jokes that if you curse, your punishment is a 5 minute conversation with Bridgette
  • 7:00pm – People in kitchen cooking fish. the Mean Girl crew in the HoH room. Surprisingly, the HoH crew isn’t talking behind anyone’s back right now
  • 7:30pm – The house is so boring, Michelle forgot how to put on her glasses
    • michelle-glasses
    • Frank joins her in the living room and they chat a little bit about tomorrow.
    • They wonder what is going on with the comp, and Frank thinks it’s going to be a pre-jury buyback (it is)
  • 7:55pm – Paul sneaks in and wakes up Natalie who makes a crazy moan sound that probably got James a little turned on in his sleep
    • paul-prank2
  • 8:00pm – Nicole is talking to Frank in the storage room.  He talks about how her hanging around with people like Zaki will make her look like one of the ‘mean girls’, and he’s right.
    • There is definitely a ‘mean girl’ group and I’m surprised Frank picked up on it seeing as he’s been missing on so much thus far (his trust for Paul)
  • 8:25pm – Frank has been trying to figure out the youngest Brady’s name from the Brady Bunch.
    • He is close. He thinks it starts with a B.  Warmer.. warmer
    • He got it, Bobby!
  • 8:50pm – Now Paul is teaching Nicole, Zaki and Michelle philosephy. So much for gameplay talk tonight. Hopefully I can hear Nicole talk to Corey later so I can really see where her head is at after her talk with Corey.
  • 9:00pm – Nicole is taking to Tiffany in the bathroom.
    • nicole-tiff
    • She is making it sound like she’s on board with her, and she’s getting information from Tiff about things Day has said this season.
    • Nicole asks why Day would target Tiff if they’re working together, but Tiff has no clue
    • Nicole is telling Tiff to talk to Michelle, but she doesn’t want to because she feels Tiff would turn around and make fun of her after (she is right. Michelle is pretty nasty like that)
  • 9:25pm – Michelle tells Paul he should take a nap, and he realizes something is up.
    • He checks his bed and finds a bunch of stuff, like bananas and cucumbers wrapped in condoms
    • michelle-paul-natalie
  • 10:30pm – Paulie and James are in the HoH talking
    • James is asking what is happening, and what he should tell Tiff. He says just tell her he’s voting with the house
    • (Paulie is a heavy breather)
    • Paulie says it’s Tiffany, then Frank/Bridgette then decide on Day. I so hope this backfires and Day rallies people against showmances
    • I need to start calling Paulie “100%”
    • What the hell is wrong with Paulie’s throat?  Someone get that boy a cough drop or something.
  • 11:15pm – Michelle is quickly jumping to the top of the most annoying list.  She is painful to listen to. Not even counting when she’s being generally mean to people
  • 11:45pm – House has died down, just Paul/Paulie playing chess with Paulie clearing his throat 5x a minute. Michelle is in the bathroom making comments with anyone who comes in. Corey, Nicole, James, and Nat are in the bedroom talking.

Overnight in the morning

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