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Tuesday Feed Updates – The Denial Is Strong In The Hive

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s another day in the Big Brother house and it’s hard to say what today will bring. I’m guessing a whole lot of Rockstar and Haleigh sitting alone complaining how unfair the world is, but I could be wrong! Stranger things have happened, right?

I can’t quite put a finger on Rockstar right now. It’s very clear that she’s angry about being on the block and worried about going home, but at the same time, she is talking like she’s staying. I think I may be confusing confidence with wishful thinking because her actions speak much louder than her words. She’s been following around Sam like a puppy and continues to pull people aside to have one-on-ones. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing her for that. It’s great that she’s playing and it’s another refreshing week of people fighting to stay in the house rather than roll over and die like previous seasons. I just think her fake confidence is going to be the downfall of her season because whenever she does campaign, she has a terrible approach.


Using the ability to know what we know regarding alliances and where people stand, it would be nearly impossible to break the level 6 alliance. They are strong and loyal and the only thing that will kill that will be when they need to start eating themselves. What Rock really has to focus on are the two swing votes of JC and Sam and stop being so overconfident that they’re in the bag. She needs to give them reasons to want level 6 broken up and not reasons why they should worry about whether or not her bills at home get paid. This isn’t a charity. It’s never been a charity. While everyone is empathetic to any financial struggles Rock may have, that’s not a reason to keep her.

Rock really needs to focus her attack on the future of the season for JC and Sam. Rock, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Fessy couldn’t break them, so JC and Sam are certainly not going to on their own. Rock’s side of the house is much easier to attack in the future and a much more realistic side of making it to the finals if you’re a swing vote. Tyler is insanely hard to beat in competitions (especially PoV style) and as the house gets smaller, chances of him playing every week increase. He’s obviously safe this week, but evicting Rockstar is a key number to lose with only 9 people remaining in the house as of Thursday. All l6 has to do is win HoH and they are guaranteed numbers in their favor every week from here on out.


This is a crucial point in the season but whining about being a mom or having bills to pay is not going to keep you in the house.

Before I forget, the sisters from BBOTT (Alex and Morgan) started a blog if you want to check it out. They recently went to a live taping of the show and it’s a good read.



Updates –

  • 11:00 am – RS finishes up a brief conversation with Tyler then heads upstairs to re-tell it to Haleigh as well as a few other conversations she had
    • Scottie was ‘really excited’ about their six-person alliance lol
    • RS’s conversation was more for her than him because she can’t walk around angry
    • RS says that it’s not cool that he took a personal shot at her. Tyler said it wasn’t personal but RS said it was (
      • It wasn’t. I don’t think RS understands what personal shot is. He was a veto win away from going home because of her alliance member. That’s the price you pay for having open alliances
    • Rock keeps saying how it is a personal attack – IT’S NOT!
  • 11:35 am – Rock pulls Brett into the storage room
    • They are talking about actually having a secret two person alliance that is so crazy that it just may work (Brett is humoring her)
    • Rock jokes about how that alliance would hide in plain sight which is her favorite way.  She should appreciate level 6 then
  • 11:50 am – Scottie is up in the HoH room but I’m not a fan of listening him talk to Haleigh
    • He’s just too creepy lately. His crush on Haleigh is becoming more and more obvious and it’s painful to watch
    • Haleigh wanted to slow clap during Tyler’s veto speech
  • 12:20 pm – Brett comes up and joins RS and Haleigh in the HoH room
    • RS asks for help from him for her eviction speech. He says sure and he’s encouraging her lol
    • Brett tells her to begin at the veto comp where Angela promised safety to Tyler lol.. Brett is good. It couldn’t hurt him for Haleigh to keep attacking Tyler so he doesn’t have to
    • Haleigh says Tyler needs someone to tell him what to do
  • Brett leaves
    • Haleigh says “what if Kaycee won hacker, picked Tyler to play and saved herself because she didn’t think she’d go back up” and they call it dumb lol
  • 1:00 pm – Talk has slowed as people are outside tanning
  • 3:40 pm – Very quiet afternoon
    • There was an indoor lockdown briefly but probably only because they saw something outside or had to fix something
    • Here is Brett with Sam. Something you don’t see often
    • Sam walks away. Tyler and Ang eventually join
    • Tyler re-tells his story with RS this morning
    • Brett tells the group that he was helping RS with her speech.  Angela and Tyler want to brainstorm to see what else they can add to it lol
    • The talk breaks up
  • 5:00 pm = JC and Fessy working out. Angela and KC talking in the kitchen.  Not much going on. Stepping away for a little to eat
  • 6:30 pm – Brett is hanging around with Haleigh while Angela/Kc are chillin on the hammock
    • Outside – Rockstar is with Sam of course
  • 8:00 pm – Haleigh talking to Scottie of course and Angela, KC, and Tyler together of course. Please change things up!
    • Scottie is telling Haleigh things about her from like day 1. Dude’s creep level is nearing max tonight
  • 8:30 pm – JC is lecturing Sam about keeping her vote private
    • I’m trying to understand where JC is leaning. It kind of sounds like he may want to keep RS but I need to re-listen to it

Really dead night tonight. Angela told a super long story about how she got into pole vaulting and that was about it. Recap in the morning if Mel can find anything to write about!

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