Tuesday Night Eviction Thread – Final Four



Here we go. More hotel blogging, but neither of us (my wife – sounds weird – and I) can’t miss Frankie walking out the door.

Note – the header with the houseguests won’t be updated until Thursday evening
I’m sure that question will be asked, so hopefully you guys can clear it up when people ask why soandso isn’t listed as HoH.

It’s been a great vacation so far, and it’s been a great week for it. The feeds have been down since yesterday and won’t be back up until about midnight est (my guess).  That said, it was pretty clear who would be heading home tonight and I have a feeling Cat fans won’t be happy (Sam and Cat…. if you don’t have a kid. If you don’t know the character Ariana Grande plays, don’t seek it out. Trust me. It’s painful)


Note 2 – America’s Favorite is out. We need to get the BB community out in full force this season.  All it will take is one tweet from Ariana to give Frankie a ton of votes. Make sure you cast your vote – all 20.  Every vote countes

Click here to vote for America’s Favorite!


  • 5:00pm – And we’re off!
  • Highlights from the last episode
  • Julie revealing that Victoria is now the pawn, but the veto could change everything (it won’t)
  • Highlights of Caleb’s dumb conversation with Frankie basically revealing Frankie was screwed
  • Derrick and Cody are not too happy about Caleb’s big mouth (DR session)
  • Everyone was studying, then they cut to Victoria staring at the bread.
  • Frankie and Derrick get the final Team America card. If either of them win, they get an extra $50k
  • 5:12pm – Commercial
  • 5:15pm – Back
  • Julie Chen shows a ‘live’ view of the house with Frankie and Victoria sitting in the nomination chairs. Then she says the veto could change everything.
  • Veto highlight.  Cody isn’t very confident about his 2:21 time.  They stop the competition at 2:21:01, so we never get to see the official times.. but Derrick would have been a close second.
  • Veto meeting. Frankie asks to use the veto so Derrick can be on the block. He was pretty upset when not used.
  • Frankie to DR about the group – Are you going to choose greed or honor. Umm… greed.  They joined a game show for money.
  • 5:30pm – Commercial 
  • (showing casting commercial for BB17. yay!  Time to apply!)
  • 5:35pm – Votes
  • Cody – Frankie, Derrick – Frankie
  • Frankie is gone!
  • Before he left, Frankie told Cody ‘I’ve had better’. Told Derrick to keep the fish alive, and for Victoria to win something.
  • 5:45pm – Commercial
  • 5:50pm – HoH competition. 
  • HoH competition was a before/after competition. Derrick and Cody finished with a tie on the last question.  Tiebreaker: Derrick wins HoH – Bye bye Caleb
  • Friday’s episode is when the first part of the final competition.
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