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Tuesday night recap

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It was a quiet night in the house and they will probably continue to be. Less people and less drama. There were a few conversations worth mentioning but nothing that’s going to change the game. (I’m proud I typed that without laughing because nothing is going to change this game)

  • Paul talked about his experiences at Parliament and Pepperdine. It was mostly the same things we heard last summer but he has a new crowd to impress.
  • Paul mentioned that he could have turned Pro as an MMA fighter. He’s always liked to brag and has never been afraid to stretch the truth but I’ve noticed his stories becoming more exaggerated over the past week or so. (Is Raven rubbing off on him and making him worse?)
  • Jason managed to sit in the hot tub and have a conversation with Raven. He talked to her about random things and did a pretty good job of having a normal conversation considering who he was talking to. He finally got around to asking if she was going to vote him out and she said that she wasn’t.
  • Jason wants to sell his cowboy hat after the show is over and he asked Alex her opinion on doing it at the wrap party. She didn’t think it was a good idea and thought he should try to sell it online. She also said that a charity may want him to auction it but Jason made it clear he wanted no part of that. He said he was the one trying to make money and he didn’t trust charities.
  • Josh came out of the DR crying and went up to the HOH room for a while. He may have been doing his goodbye message to Jason because we’ve seen the guilt he’s feeling over evicting him. (I wonder if Josh is smart enough to blow up Paul in his goodbye message. All he has to say is “I’m sorry Jason but Paul, Xmas and I have had a final three this whole time. I wAntes to keep you but it wasn’t good for Paul’s game.”)
  • Josh tried again to talk to Xmas about their end game and the next moves that need to be made. It didn’t go much better than it did the last time. He’s trying to get her to see that he isn’t turning on Paul but he sees how even though Paul is protecting them, he is tainting them to everyone at the same time. Josh says they have a lot more blood on their hands than Paul does. Xmas says she understands what Paul is doing, says he’s trying to win and that they should be doing the same. She doesn’t believe Paul will dispose of them in order to save Alex. (She’s missing the point – it isn’t about Paul saving Alex, it’s about Paul looking like the good guy to Alex. Josh gets it, Xmas doesn’t)
  • Josh made it clear to Xmas that Paul isn’t planning on putting Alex on the block and that Josh prefers to win HOH himself. She says that it’s not okay for Alex to stay another week because Alex will go after them and she’ll let Paul know it. (Instead of talking to Paul about it, she thinks it’s a good idea for Josh to win) She also says if Paul doesn’t take out Alex that the wrath of Xmas will reign down. (Yeah, sure)
  • Xmas gets irritated and tells Josh she doesn’t like the things he saying. She tells him she’s done with the conversation and she doesn’t want to hear anything that isn’t about “team.” She tells him there will be no pivoting without the 3 of them collectively deciding and no one will be breaking away until they’re at F3. (Josh wasn’t allowed to walk away from her during a conversation but apparently it’s okay for her to)
  • Xmas goes so far as to say about Paul “He played his f*cking heart out last season. He got screwed.” (She’s as bad as Alex and Raven)
  • Josh talks to the camera and says he can separate personal from business, he doesn’t want his own game tainted and he’s not playing someone else’s hand. He’s wondering if he has to let it go because Xmas is getting mad or if he should act on it anyway. He makes it clear that he isn’t trying to turn against Paul but if they’re a team, the moves need to benefit the entire team. (Josh knows what’s going on but he’s still screwed)
  • More corn hole games were played in the backyard and more trash talying abut Kevinced and past hg’s.
  • Jason and Kevin both think they are the one staying but both appear to have a hint of doubt about it.
  • Raven has more diseases, illnesses and conditions but I’m not up to mentioning them anymore. Basically, she’s a mess…but not in the way she claims.
  • Paul changed his mind again and decided there’s no way there will be another Double Eviction. He said if people’s favorite players are taken out too quickly in a DE, then fans will stop watching. He still going with his Sunday eviction schedule though.

Sorry guys, I’m lacking for material to cover so this is what I’ve got to work with. Have a great day!

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