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Veto Meeting Results, Live Feed Updates, And Volunteers Needed

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With the accelerated week this week, that means the veto meeting was bumped up a day. I didn’t realize it would be this early, so I spent the afternoon watching some football (#firegoodell).

That said, if you were sitting around anxiously awaiting for the results of the veto meeting, the expected happened and Nicole didn’t use the veto. That means Victor (or Paul) is leaving next eviction. Third time is not a charm for your boy Victor, unless he can pull off a miracle and convince people to evict Paul over him. Seeing as Victor is a complete comp beast, that’s unlikely to happen.


The slow update today reminds me to let you know that updates until the end of the season will probably be a bit slower than they’ve been (and to some people, that was already too slow). Not only has the semester started, but there really isn’t much going on in the house. The feeds are likely going to go down tomorrow until Tuesday night (because of their recorded eviction episode, they don’t want us to know Victor was evicted until it airs). Then most likely Paul will be evicted Wednesday, and the beginning of the 3-part final HoH competition will begin with some ‘endurance’ comp. I say endurance, but it’s usually something that lasts 30 minutes if we’re lucky because it’s harder than holding on to a key (like the epic Evel Dick marathon).

Because of the super slow final 3 weekend, I will likely take this time to visit my parents, so I’ll probably only get to do a daily recap on Thursday, and Friday rather than live updates.  I’m sure the daily recap will be super exciting (sarcasm), so make sure to look forward to that.  Seriously though, I don’t want to bash the feeds. The reality is, every season is slow around this point. It’s slow on Big Brother, and it’s slow on Survivor.  The final 3-4 is just flat out slow because they’re on the home stretch. When I watch Survivor, I almost always just watch the final immunity competition and then fast forward all the garbage until tribal council. Unlike shows like Game of Thrones, the end of reality shows are boring.


After that paragraph, it’s probably not the best time to plug the feeds, but you really should join the live feeds.

“Why, Steve? You just said they’re super slow.”

Good question, random reader.  While the feeds are slow, CBS is currently running a promotion where you get a free month of the feeds if you sign up now. That will carry you over through the first few weeks of the next season (Big Brother: Over the Top). So, click here to join the feeds, and make sure to use the promo code FALLACCESS.  That promo ends in 5 days, so don’t waste any time.


Finally, I am looking for volunteers for the next season of Big Brother. I need some to moderate and maybe promote the facebook/twitter pages, and also a few others to simply add updates if/when I add a new feature to the blog that makes it simple to do so.  If I get the script done in time, you won’t need to create an entire post. Just add the time, add what is happening in the house, and it should appear on the blog.  Only a few trusted people will be allowed to add updates, so make sure to contact me if you’re interested!  Make sure you’re a regular on the site and have at least 50 comments.

Enough of that, updates…

  • 2:00pm – Nicole is hanging outside talking to James about Natalie. She is wondering what was going on between them considering Natalie kept calling him her soulmate. Nicole said that’s a big word, and if Corey said that to her, that means they’re getting married.
  • 2:15pm – Nicole tanning outside
  • 4:15pm – Not a whole lot going on in the house. I wonder if cbs is going to let us know when the feeds are going down
  • 4:45pm – Everyone but Paul playing cards in the kitchen
  • 5:15pm – Victor soaking up the last few days he has in the kitchen while everyone else seems to be sleeping.  Time for the CBS episode
  • 7:15pm – Back from watching the CBS and the Pats a little.
    • Boy, did CBS really do a lot of foreshadowing with the whole loyalty thing this week.  Kind of made Nicole and Corey look like scumbags, but really it was their best move imo.  Not good for loyalty, but I bet even Dr Wil would approve
  • 8:45pm – Paul is doing card tricks with James while the other 3 cook
  • 9:00pm – Victor says that Paul woke up and said something about “Natalie liking that song” and “I miss Meech” then went back to sleep.
    • Corey jokes how Paul is marrying Meech or Bronte.
    • (I bet people at the wrap party will catch a drunk Paul and Michelle furiously making out in the corner)
    • Corey is telling this long story about how one of his friends threw water on a guy working in a monkey costume at a car dealership
    • He tells this long story about how the guy found him and they all drove around like assholes trying to avoid
    • Victor jumps in with a story about how during high school, they had TP Tuesdays (toilet paper)… Paul jumps in and says they were shitheads at kids
  • 9:20pm – Childhood stories end as they begin to play cards. Now they’re in silence with the occasional talking about too much fiber in cereal

Check back for updates

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