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Get pumped!
Get pumped!
Get pumped!

First, CBS is having a Black Friday or Thanksgiving or whatever sale where you get a free month of the feeds.  Join here and use the keyword BBOTTNOW

Now, time for the veto comp today. I’ve said it multiple times, but I’ll repeat. It’s essentially Shelby and Morgan vs Jason, Kryssie, and Justin. Sure, Shelby may have given Justin the care package which advanced him to the final 4, but to be fair, her only other option was the girl who (along with Jason) made a fake alliance just to give the girls false hope and kick them while down. And sure, Justin probably has a better chance in the final 3 with anyone not named Jason, but that’s his choice to remain loyal to his crew.  He can just join Paul and Cody as people who took the wrong people to the finals  (to be fair – Paul should have won. Cody was delusional if he thought he could beat Derrick).

Back to the comp – I’m not even going to try to predict what it can be, but I will say it will probably come down to Jason versus Shelby because that’s how it seems to have been recently (minus the endurance comp).

Let’s get to the updates:

  • 11:00am – Everyone sleeping. Yup, 10-10 is basically out the window now.
  • 11:50am – Site Update – You now have to register to post comments. Why? This allows me to moderate the comments better and ban users who don’t obey rules.  By allowing people to comment without registering, I would need to ban IP addresses, and that’s not an extremely effective way to handle it because it is easily bypassed.
  • 12:50pm – Veto comp is right around the corner!
  • 1:00pm – Morgan comes out of the room with the bag. Meaning one at a time comp. Awesome. Fun way to spend birthday
    • Justin, Shelby, Morgan, Kryssie, Jason is the order.  Kryssie is back in the storage room
    • Here is an image of the competition. It’s a maze where it looks like they have to remain on their knees
    • maze
    • They have to find three ears of corn through the maze
    • Justin Start Time: 1:23:30pm – Finish 1:25:24
    • Shelby start time: 1:35:02 – Finish 1:39:27
    • Morgan start time: 1:49:07 – Finish 2:00:07
    • Kryssie start time: 2:08:40 – Finish 2:10:45
    • Jason’s start time: 2:19:08 – Finish: 2:20:38
  • Times:
    • Jason: 1:30
    • Justin – 1:56
    • Kryssie – 2:05
    • Shelby – 4:25
    • Morgan – 11:00
  • Barring any weirdness in times, Jason will win PoV
    • 2:45pm – Time for birthday dinner.  Giving Jason credit. He won the veto twice this season when his ass was on the line.

Check back for updates

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