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Veto Saturday; Can Michelle Save Her Game?

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Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s a very big day for just one person in the Big Brother house today: Michelle. It’s too bad she doesn’t realize just how important it is, and she may not until it’s too late.

Look, Michelle and I go way back all the way to the beginning of the summer. We’ve had an up and down relationship – mostly down – but I’m actually kind of sad that she is probably leaving this week. Ever since she realized she was actually playing the game and flipped the house on it’s head, we’ve mended relationships and are kind of best friends now. She may not actually know who I am, but that doesn’t change our relationship. She’s kind of mean, kind of annoying, and kind of funny… and without her efforts, we’d likely still be watching a shirtless Paulie acting like he owns the house. This makes me hope she pulls something off today in order to keep shaking things up, because I literally may cry if the final 4 consists of Corey, Nicole, James and Natalie.


Victor and Paul have been doing a pretty good job building a relationship with the blonde boremance (we’ll just pretend Corey is super dirty blonde), which means if Michelle wins, there is a very good chance that Nicole may actually replace her with either Natalie or James. There is also a chance that Victor could be the replacement nom, and he’d likely end up walking out the door – again, so maybe it’s not a good idea for her to win.

Alright, time for some updates…

  • 11:00am – James and Nat are sleeping while Paul is talking away to anyone who will listen in the kitchen. Man can that guy talk. I gotta say, being the quiet guy in the room, I envy people like that. Not only does he talk a lot, but the stuff he is saying is actually interesting almost all the time.
    • Paul is talking philosophy with the group (I believe that was his major). He poses an interesting question, and I’m curious to hear what people think.  There is no right or wrong, it’s a moral dilemma situation.
    • You’re a doctor with 6 patients. 5 of them are suffering from terminal illnesses and need transplants immediately or will die (all different body parts).  The 6th patient is perfectly healthy and just in for a checkup.  In the checkup, you notice he has the 5 perfectly matched parts from each patient, but in order to save the 5, you’d have to secretly kill the healthy 1. Nobody would know, and also all 6 patients are completely equal (so no ‘well, if the healthy guy was a jerk..’).  Would you kill the 1 to save the 5 or no?  Not a trick question, just a moral dillema.  What would you do?
    • He then poses a different scenario…
    • You’re a train conductor and there are 5 people tied to the tracks and you’re bound to run them over. You notice there is a fork in the tracks and you can pull the lever, but you’ll go down the track with 1 person on it who will die. Do you pull the lever and save 5 people and kill the 1, or no?
    • Then when you realize it’s essentially the same situation, yet phrased differently, your brain explodes.
    • Paul explains the difference is that mentally, it’s easier to pull the lever to save 5 lives (and kill 1), than to push the button and kill 1 (to save 5).

I don’t mean to steal your thunder Kari B, but I wanted to highlight your question from the comment section.

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  • Continued on with Paul’s philosophy question…

    • Third scenario… You’re in charge of the brakes on a train.  You get drunk, do whatever, screw up and completely forget to put them on and sleep in.  You wake up with enough time to make it to tracks to see that train has 50 people in it heading toward a wall.  A large man is on a bridge overlooking the tracks and watching the train.  You know if you push him over, he is large enough to slow the train to a halt and save those lives.  Do you kill the man to save the 50, or let the train continue on knowing you’re the reason the train is going to crash?
    • Damn, these questions are crazy when they build up
  • 11:30am – Victor and Paul are just hanging out in the kitchen talking casually now
    • 5 minutes later, feeds go to Jeff loops. Picking players for PoV probably
  • 12:00pm – I realized I was 30 minutes behind when the feeds went down. Clicked live, and Paul/Corey studying memory wall. They think it’s going to be the comic book competition today. If so, it will be a long one
  • 12:35pm – Paul and Victor are talking in the safari room
    • Paul and Victor are talking about James’ comments a few days ago about this not being his first rodeo and how he’s played with some of the best players.  They’re like “No he hasn’t”
  • 1:00pm – Not much changed. People sleeping and others waiting for veto.  Doing a few errands during this slow period.
  • 2:10pm – Back, just in time for the feeds to go down. Comp time?  Could be a long one
  • 4:00pm – Feeds still down for the veto competition
  • 4:20pm – Feeds back
    • nicole-corey-happy
    • Nicole won the Power of Veto
    • How much do you want to bet this will be Natalie’s Halloween outfit?
    • natalie-host
    • Paul is going to pitch an idea for Corey to bribe Nicole to take him off the block.  He knows it’s unlikely, but it’s an idea to exploit to loophole for the money to stay in the hands of the boremance while keeping him safe in the process.
  • 4:45pm – Nicole, Corey and Victor are up in the HoH discussing the competition. It was the counting comp where they stay/fold
    • Immediately after he leaves, they discuss the possibility of getting one of them out, but they scratch that idea and say they’re sticking with Paul/Victor for now
    • Now they’re talking again why Corey won the care package. Corey says something smart that there is no way they gave it to him for the next HoH because they probably didn’t expect it to last that long.
    • Nicole is back to explaining the care package to him, and honestly I don’t know what the hell they’re arguing about. It’s like two different things. She is explaining how you have to keep your word with the agreement, so if you offer someone safety, you have to keep that somehow.  Corey is saying he can tell someone they are safe and send them home.
    • I don’t think he fully understands what the card means, and she is doing a poor job explaining it.
    • She gives him an example. If he tells her “Nicole if you drop down right now, I guarantee safety”. Corey would have to keep that guarantee.  Corey says “But it’s not $5k and safety”  Jesus
    • Corey “where are you even getting the safety from”  .. HER EXAMPLE TO YOU.
    • Nicole “You have to do whatever you say”  (regarding the agreement)
    • Corey “No, you have to do whatever I say”  (yes Corey.. you’re both right! It merely depends on the deal made)
    • Corey “I don’t have to do whatever I say, besides give them the $5k” (No Corey, if you tell them something, you have to do it)
    • Nicole “You don’t understand what I’m saying”  Corey “I do understand”
    • Nicole “Why does it say you have to keep your word?”  Corey “YOU have to keep your word”  Nicole continues “It said the bidder and the other person have to keep their word”
    • They make a $5k bet on it
    • nicole-corey-bet
    • He goes to get the card to check
    • Corey reads “It is a binding contract between the briber and bribee. Any houseguest that accepts the bribe must perform the action they have promised”.  Jesus Corey. Yes, but they have to agree to whatever you are demandind, which also has to be upheld.
    • Corey continues “I can get someone to do whatever I want. It doesn’t say safety”
    • Nicole “So if you promise safety, you don’t have to hold up to that?”   Corey “Where are you getting safety from? This is $5k!”
    • Seriously this is like Abbot and Costello “Who is on first!  I’m asking YOU who’s on first. That’s the man’s name. That’s who’s name?”
    • Nicole “I’m not paying you $5k. I had my toes crossed”  (and because you’re right, sort of.  Corey can’t promise safety because that’s not a promise he can make)
  • 5:00pm – Corey goes down to retell the story to the kitchen.
    • Now everyone is confused by this damn bribe.  Hopefully the DR clears it up.. Corey can’t promise anything he can’t deliver.
    • Man, now the conversation turns to Honey Boo Boo and everyone is confused because I think James said the show got canceled because she (meaning the money) was dating a creep dude.  Everyone is like “The 7 year old was dating an old guy?? What??”
    • Natalie “Wow that’s scary…  I love that show. I only watched 1 episode, but I loved it”
    • Michelle mentions how one of the girls was pregnant (the kid’s sister) and Victor jumps in “The pageant girl???” This house is crazy tonight.
    • I ran to Burger King earlier because I eat real awesome when the wife is out of town, and they gave me the wrong sandwich. Was it a good mistake? No. It was bread, meat (?), cheese and bacon.  No ketchup, mayo, or any of that stuff.

I’m going to close this thread since it’s long. I want to have shorter threads going.  So, starting a new one for the night

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