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Wake Me When September Ends Live Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone! Can you believe that today is the last day of August?? What the hell, summer? Why do you go by so fast?  On the bright side, if you’re relatively new to this site, or Big Brother, our doors will be open for the fall!  I haven’t heard much about the fall season, and I assume we won’t hear a whole lot anyway. They’ll eventually tell us more information like the start date, and hopefully cast previews, but I’m not expecting twists, or format to really be revealed until the show starts.

As far as the title goes, that means nothing. It’s just the title of a song.  I actually like September and pretty much every month that isn’t Jan/Feb and Dec/March depending on how the weather treats us.


Enough about boring stuff, let’s get to slightly less boring stuff, the feeds this week…

James, Natalie, and Michelle are still in the dark, but part of me wonders if it’s because of what Paul theorized yesterday – they want to be. Well, James & Natalie at least. As the great Jules from Pulp Fiction once said “If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions”. I think James really doesn’t want to know the truth, because he is scared that Nicole may reveal Michelle is indeed screwed, which will force him to tell Natalie who will force him to ruin his game defending Michelle.


As far as why Michelle doesn’t just find out? She’s stubborn as shit, and a pretty bad game player. She was talking last night how she doesn’t like Nicole’s game, and how she refuses to go to the HoH room because Nicole didn’t go up there a whole lot while she was HoH. Michelle apparently thinks Nicole should track her down, beg to talk game with her, and then spill the entire truth about what is happening.  That doesn’t work that way, and the “superfan” should know this. I’d almost be disappointed in the situation if I wasn’t already disappointed with most of the cast this season for how they played.  I’ll analyze the entire season in an different post at a later date, but for now, let’s see if Michelle is going to try to save her season…

Feed Updates:

  • 2:30pm – Michelle is sitting in the bathroom hoping to get called to the DR so she can go back to bed. Great
  • 3:15pm – Nicole and Corey are in the bedroom talking about how she wants a special emoji.  He should totally send her a snake
  • 3:45pm – Victor studying, James packing for some reason. Michelle sleeping (shocker). The rest in the kitchen chatting
    • Nicole is basically feeding Corey because he doesn’t want to eat slop any more, so he’s being stubborn
  • 4:00pm – Natalie and James in the HN room talking about how they can’t wait to get out.  Most of the cast has checked out of this season.
    • Nat speculates that Nicole and Corey are keeping their enemies close.  Ok, whatever you need to tell yourself.
  • 6:50pm – I”m back from dinner, and watching BB on CBS
    • Here is a preview of the house in roughly 24 hours from now
    • And yes, with 23~ hours to go before the episode, Michelle has done about 0 campaigning this week, despite her saying she’s not just going to roll over.
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are up in the HoH room trying to figure out what to do with the care package.
    • It sounds like they’re leaning toward just gifting it to Victor to vote out Michelle (which he was doing anyway)
    • Personally, I think that is the smartest move on their part. It is extreme good karma because Victor was forced to give up a vacation or $5k in order to secure Paulie’s exit over Corey.
  • 8:20pm – They’re still thinking about what to do with this.  Seriously, this has been the biggest decision of the week
  • 8:45pm – Victor, Paul and Nicole are telling stories about Michelle’s game how she admitted she played the whole game with jealousy
    • Paul tells the story how Michelle created a fake boyfriend through facebook because all her friends had boyfriends.
    • She then apparently used that fake facebook account to get her real boyfriend jealous when she finally got one.  #crazymeech
  • 9:00pm – Corey finally makes the deal official.  He offers Victor the $5k to vote out Michelle tomorrow
    • Victor is thrilled. Paul is happy because it guarantees their alliance will actually stick together for a week. Well, doesn’t guarantee,  but it damn well shows they’re serious
    • corey-nicole-paul
    • Corey did tell him that a lot of it is because Victor passed up the $5k to get Paulie out. Good move on Corey’s part
  • 9:20pm – Paul gets a ‘Paul, there absolutely no jumping in the pool’ from the HoH room. They all crack up. Then the real message about talking about the DR came up
    • Paul is like.. bro, there is no way those buttons are near each other (DR and pool)
  • 9:40pm – Natalie and James are telling Michelle – again – to go out and talk to them.
    • Michelle mentions how she doesn’t want to kiss butt and she’ll be disgusted by herself blah blah.
    • James tells her she can’t expect them to come tell her. She needs to go find out and talk to them.
    • Michelle asks them to tell her if she’s going home.  They note how Paul has been packing a lot
    • Michelle asks if it’s strange how he said he’s close with Nicole, but they didn’t tell him anything.  James brushes it off with some excuse
    • They ask what’s the worst that can happen.  “Embarrass myself” Michelle says.  Please.
    • Michelle said she’s going to blow Nicole’s game out of the water if she leaves. Again, please.  How?
    • She says from day 1 she wanted Nicole out. James asks why she didn’t nominate her then?  Michelle says because they wouldn’t have voted her out
  • 10:00pm – Michelle decides it’s easier to campaign under her sheets
    • audrey-michelle
    • Anyway, James is sleeping, Michelle is under her covers and the friendship group is in the kitchen talking. Stepping away from feeds for a bit.

Check back for updates

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