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Big Brother 20 Wednesday Overnight Report

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Good morning, Thursday is here and one of the bros will be leaving. Despite DR’s made to look like Sam is still undecided about using her power to save one, she isn’t. Sam has plenty of other stuff to deal with this week which I’ll get to later. Here’s my thoughts on last night’s episode before I recap what happened yesterday in the house.

  • The edits have been mostly on point so far. BB18 episodes RARELY reflected what was going on in the house and this season has been fairly accurate. I just finished BB Canada 6 before BB20 started and this is miles ahead. BBCAN makes up what they want the story to be and they follow it no matter what. Johnny RAN that BBCAN house but because they’d already decided who they wanted the mastermind to be, they didn’t air it that way. You’ll see a lot of BBCAN comparisons from me because it was on right before BB20 and because something is happening this season that is more of a BBCAN theme, not BBUS. I’ll get to that later too.
  • Winston got the Ahole edit and Kaitlyn got the crazy edit so it was accurate imo.
  • I like the JC & Fessy interaction in the show clips and on the feeds. They’re very entertaining together. Fessy wants confirmation from the ladies all the time on his looks and JC never misses a chance to shoot him down and get under his skin.
  • Can I just say, I’d like to burn Winstons tuxedo t-shirt?
  • The best part of Kaitlyn’s meltdown in the kitchen was Tyler hiding behind the frig and Rachel adjusting her boobs in her evening gown. (Rachels bday party wasn’t as bad as Keesha’s in BB10 but nothing will ever top that)
  • Brett’s veto speech was funny and I don’t think it’s a coincidence it was the first ones to be shown this season.
  •  For the record, Bayleigh went downstairs, told Kaitlyn the bros were trying to get her otb then Kaitlyn got a “hit” in her dream about it….in that order!

Here’s what happened on the feeds yesterday:

  • Brett and Fessy -Brett and said he wanted to secretly work together. Fessy seemed to be considering it because JC had already done some good work about keeping Brett. JC pointed out Fessy wouldn’t be as big of a target if Brett was still there. Fessy had also been getting concerned that only guys are leaving. Brett brought this up and it temporarily hit the mark at least a little.
  • They played charades, never have I ever and hide and go seek last night. They also did some of Rachels improv pretending to be the other hgs.
  • Rachel and Fessy talked in the storage room about liking each other, working together, etc. They know they’re on opposite sides but Rachel said something about how ‘we have that connection from last year.’ I have no idea what that means.
  • JC was VERY out of patience with Kaitlyn. He’s been trying to steal Fessy from her for a while. Every time Kaitlyn would say Tyler was ignoring her or acting weird, JC would tell her everyone was talking to everyone and no matter what she says, he’d shoot it down. He’s also been working hard to get the vote that keeps Brett blamed on her. It’s why he wants everyone to keep who they’re voting for a secret. Rachel told JC that she’d already told people and JC told her to stop. Lol
  • Bayleigh and Hayleigh talk more about targeting Tyler because he’s good with everybody. RS’s been saying this for a long time already.
  • The all-girls alliance was officially formed yesterday. RS allowed Angela, Sam and Kaycee to be invited into it. (Before, they’d only talked to Rachel about it) Every female in the house is now included. I have so many thought on this so I’ll just put them at the bottom after the recap.
  • Hayleigh tells Fessy she’s sad for Brett to leave because she likes him and Fessy asks Hayleigh to promise she’s evicting Brett. (Talk with Brett didn’t stick) She asks him why she needs to promise him anything. (Even if she isn’t wavering, she says things to Fessy that make it sound like she could be, she did it last week too) I don’t know why she does this and she should have learned after she got temporarily blamed for evicting Swaggy. She makes herself look guilty when it isn’t necessary. Maybe she does it as pay back because Fessy smothers her and it’s annoying to her. It’s the opposite of what Kaitlyn does to Tyler. Kaitlyn told everyone she wanted Swaggy out except Tyler.  She kept making Tyler think she wasn’t sure. It was her way of getting attention from him. Whenever she wavered, he’d spend more time with her and she picked up on it. Being crazy doesn’t make her stupid. She’s been manipulating him just as much as he’s been doing to her.
  • The Bros don’t want to know the vote ahead of time. They are both campaigning and haven’t given up on trying to get Sam to use her power. They talk more about Ksitlyn going nuts on Brett and how much they dislike Scottie and RS. Winston is sure there is a battle back but Brett tells him not to count on it. Brett has finally realized Sam is closer to Scottie than them so he doesn’t think she’ll use her power.
  • Brett and Tyler talk about how Fessy isn’t much of a thinker and laugh about JC thinking he runs the house. Tyler assures Brett Level 6 is his priority. Tyler says he’ll try to get Kaitlyn to flip her vote at the last minute. (I don’t know if this is true or not since they don’t need it unless it’s damage control from her wrath)
  • Bayleigh talks to Fessy about JC having a power and he tells her it isn’t true. Fessy doesn’t think he has one. I don’t know if Bayleigh is convinced or not. Bayleigh told Fessy about the girls alliance, Fessy later questioned Kaitlyn about there being one, that got back to Bayleigh, Bayleigh told Fessy to keep his mouth shut if they were going to work together. Fessy assured her he would never talk and she said “you already did!”
  • Rachel asked JC about his power. He said it last for 5 weeks. She’s asked what it does. He said if he told her, he’d have to kill her.
  • Fessy is VERY convinced he’ll win hoh if it’s endurance (it is) so I can’t wait to see how long he lasts.
  • Kaycee, Rachel and Angela debate telling the guy about the girls alliance. Rachel is the only one who’s a little hesitant.
  • Kaycee told Tyler the girls alliance is official. (She’d already told him it was in the works)
  • Rachel and Angela have been dropping bitchy comments about each other to the other women. If you hear any of this, it’s planned and they tell each other what they’re saying.
  • Sam is very upset with Kaitlyn and Hayleigh and feels like they’re being mean to her. They knocked her out of a game of never have I ever by saying they’d never bought whisky. It went downhill from there. Sam’s telling anyone who’ll listen about how they’ve paired up and are leaving her out. Kaitlyn passed around some food Sam couldn’t have and suggested they have a cleaning day tomorrow. Sam took it personally because since being a have not, she hasn’t felt like cleaning.  Sam is completely overreacting in this situation. Kaitlyn doesn’t give Sam the time of day on any day and never has. They’ve haven’t gotten along since Sam thought Kaitlyn stole her hairbrush. They’ve just faked it for Tyler. Have nots, power app pressure and no cigarettes is getting to her. Sam is having a bad week ya’ll. Sam said she wanted a season with a group of people there to have a good time and be a family. She said it’s never been done. (She watched youtube clips before coming, not even entire seasons so she wouldn’t really know what’s been done. It hasn’t and there’s a reason for it!!) People can talk about Kaycee and Angela all they want but Sam is the ONLY person who’s just taking up space and isn’t playing the game. I like her but she’s ridiculous in this game!

CBS has confirmed the hoh comp will be endurance and be shown on the live feeds. Vegas said it’s going to be the wall comp.


The new women’s alliance is called Maneaters and I’ll just say, it’s stupid. I know a certain percentage of viewers hope for an all-female alliance every year. First, I’m not sure why and second, this isn’t the group to get it done. When I heard about this yesterday, I was planning on asking readers to do a 2 day- over/under guess on how long before someone told but that was blown before this mornings post. Maybe later in the season and maybe with only RS, Hayleigh, Bayleigh and Rachel it could have worked. Rachel gets along with women on the other side (except Hayleigh and Hayleigh is the one with the issue) There are soooo many reasons this won’t work! The women don’t like each other and have very different game priorities. It’s also too many people. The women in the house have the same thoughts on Kaitlyn as we do so why in the hell do they think she’d EVER be in a group with only women? To her credit, Kaycee and Bayleigh have told and Kaitlyn hasn’t but it’s only because she thinks Bretts leaving and she’s been upset with Tyler. Give it a day…

Kaycee is being labeled a rat on different sites for telling Tyler about maneaters. She has an alliance and Tyler is her closest person so why wouldn’t she tell him? I agree with Rachel about keeping it quiet in case they need it later because she kind of hangs out with the other side but Kaycee doesn’t.  Kaycee knows Tyler isn’t going to blow it up if she tells him. He encouraged her to keep up the act. Foutte never talked to her (they admit it themselves) so why would she trust them with this? She also knows what a big mouth Kaitlyn has so it’s smarter to tell Tyler herself before Kaitlyn does.


The comparison I mentioned this year to BBCAN was about the women they cast. Even though the same people cast for both, the shows are cast very differently. US casts more model wannabe types who are looking for love. Canada casts more unique personalities and strong women who want to play the game. (There are exceptions and Canada loves a shomance too) I don’t care about a women’s alliance but I do care about strong minded women who are there to play. Hayleigh is flirting but the prize is her focus. Bayleigh got in a shomance but went right into game mode when Swaggy left. All of the women have winning on their mind except Kaitlyn and shes probably got a hit telling her she’s going to win anyway. They may play badly but they want to win and don’t care which guys they step on to do it. That’s why it reminds me of BBCAN.

After tonight, they’ll have 2 slots left for pre jury evictions if it’s a 9 person jury. (I like the 7 person jury myself) This isn’t what I want to see happen but the hg’s as a whole would be smart to fill those 2 slots with Sam and Kaitlyn. NO ONE in that house should trust either on the jury. I don’t see any rational reasoning for who they’d vote for in any situation.

TKO spoiler:


Tyler came in 3rd out of 5 people. He won $2,500 and Kevin told him he thought he was high.

Have a great Thursday!



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