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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Overnight Discussion

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Wednesdays show had a couple good moments for me. I’m glad the toothbrush clip was shown with Kevin. I saw it online somewhere a few days ago and it cracked up. I’m a little surprised they aired the condom clip AND more than once. (I wasn’t lying when I said they don’t have a problem letting viewers know that stuff depending on who it’s about. Nicole-no but Raven-yes) I was glad to see Raven and Matt’s immediate reaction to not having the veto used. I had been curious about that and wanted to know if she started crying first or went right into screaming.  I also wanted to know if Jason had actually told Raven that he would take her off the block or not. It’s not like it matters, I was simply curious and yes, he did.

There’s only a few things I’m anxious to find out tonight because we already know Matt’s leaving. As usual, I want to see what Julie’s wearing, if she calls Matt out for being furniture, who gets a good edit in the post veto or other fighting and who wins hoh. They may show the jury house but no one will be surprised by who enters so it probably won’t be that exciting.


Here’s a few things from last night:

  • Alex mentioned weight gain and Raven said she had lost wright. Alex asked her how she had lost weight and Raven said it was because of her disease. Later, Raven told the others that she can’t gain weight, she only loses weight because she has a disease and she pointed out that Alex had gained weight, at least 10 lbs. She said it’s the reason Alex did badly in the HOH comp because she had the extra weight to carry. (she’s making it sound like Alex is 7 months pregnant) Matt said that she would be easier to beat than Jason because of it. (Raven looks to have gained more weight than anyone in the house. If you look at photos of when she first entered the house, it’s very noticeable. I’m NOT insulting Ravens weight, she doesn’t look at a pound overweight- I’m making fun of her truth-telling abilities so let’s be clear about that)
  • Matt told Raven he doesn’t think Alex will waste an hoh on Kevin if she wins even if she wants him gone. (she’ll take out whoever Paul wants out) Matt talked more game last night than he has all season. He called Xmas and Josh good soldiers who will throw themselves under the bus for Raven and he knows Alex is obsessed with jury votes. It ticked Matt off when Alex said she would die if she went to jury before Kevin and said it in front of Matt. He said he will tell the jury the truth of what’s been going on but said he wouldn’t fill them in on their “inner workings.” (I have no idea what those are and I’m sure he doesn’t either)
  • There was more rehashing of the plan to throw the hoh to Xmas if possible or maybe to Josh. Paul told Alex to throw it so they can get out Raven or Kevin without getting the blame, Raven’s supposed to throw it so Xmas can take out Alex or Jason (they prefer Jason) and Kevin’s been told to throw to Paul so he can take out Alex. Ya still with me? Doesn’t matter, it will change by evening. Kevin told Paul he doesn’t want to throw it because he has a family that he would like to see too and he doesn’t want to be a have not again. Paul told Xmas to work on Kevin some more.
  • Raven ran around yelling “Matthew” for one last night and Paul said she sounded like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. (I think production will be thrilled when she’s evicted so they don’t have to listen to her screaming into her mic) Josh/Payl/Xmas continue to make fun of her when she leaves the room. Xmas said she needed a muzzle and also said she would love to “rip her head off, put it down the garbage disposal and laugh while she was doing it.”
  • Josh told Xmas about a chat he had with Jason when Jason said “as long as they don’t put me up with Alex or Paul, I don’t care.” Josh already knows Paul is playing all sides. (Jason needs a muzzle too because he blows his own game up all the time)
  • Alex and Jason talked about the fight we didn’t see. I don’t know if this is accurate because Alex likes to embellish. She mentioned how Kevin told her America was going to hate her for being petty and Jason said that he told Kevin those were harsh words and he knew they were going to hurt Alex. Jason said he told him that he would have to live with what he did and he also knew Kevin didn’t want to go out with a unanimous vote. Alex said NO and they aren’t giving him any and he needs to go out looking like an a**hole. She said Kevin has spread “propaganda” about people in the house once he realized he couldn’t win and that he’s a coward, she also hopes he sh*ts his bed. (She’s hoping for that since she couldn’t get Josh to do it??) She’s still planning to tell Kevin that America is going to hate him so “go hide.” Later, with the group, Alex said he’s hiding in the corner and Raven said he’s “pulling a Dom.” There’s more but it’s the same.
  • When Jason spoke with Kevin, he let Kevin know that he should apologize to Alex. These people are nuts!! (I found out about the writing- Kevin had written Mission Hill in the dust on a table and Alex wrote sucks beside it- only mentioning because we know I’m obsessed with the rules. Haha)
  • Alex doesn’t think anyone was excited to see Mark when he went out. Paul thinks he’s a popular character because he did the pots & pans and threw the drink. (yes Paul, that’s what we look for in a player…not)
  • Xmas and Josh studied days. She’s depending on him because she said she was high half the season. Josh said he was fighting half the season.
  • Josh was smelling peanut butter and Paul shoved his face in it which turned into some play fighting and chasing each other around the house. Paul said he was concerned about going home if he was OTB in the next two weeks and Josh told him he would be the pawn so Paul didn’t have to.

The last shomance is being split up tonight so at least there’s that. It has to be small victories this year my friends. If Xmas & Josh and Alex & Jason hadn’t done and said many of the things that they have, I realized that I would really like these duos. They have comical moments, make great teammates, are loyal to each and arn’t in shomances. It’s too bad they’re all such buttholes because we could have really enjoyed them.


Did anyone catch Raven talking the other night and saying how her information was leaked either shortly before she was in sequester or while there? This may be the first statement she’s made all season that’s the truth. When this has happened in the past, people are disqualified and sent home. It’s rumored that it happened to another person along with Raven (a guy) except he was disqualified. Megan mentioned seeing Ravens info right before they went into sequester. Feeds have been cut more than once when Paul mentioned meeting Raven before the show. I’ve made jokes about Raven saying she was friends with Paul and assumed he didn’t even remember her. I was wrong because he did remember her. I’m NOT saying they’re friends or that she’s a plant put there to help Paul win because truthfully she acts as if Paul is there to help her win, which is comical. I’m only saying he DID remember meeting her and their conversation and she should have been disqualified when her info was leaked since that’s happened to other people. I’m honest enough to admit that if I didn’t despise Raven, I probably wouldn’t care. haha  I’ll catch up with you all this evening and hope you have a wonderful day.

(Ann, you’re in my thoughts and prayers as well as everyone else who is dealing with so much from Hurricane Harvey)

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