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What a cute couple

Wednesday Afternoon Live Blogging!

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What a cute couple
What a cute couple

Good afternoon, everyone!  Only one day to go before Victor is eliminated and some possible craziness can begin. If you asked me a few days ago what the order would be (and I think I even posted it), I would say Victor, Bronte, and maybe Tiffany. Now, it appears we can add Frank to that mix. He has been playing many different sides of the house, and yesterday the little birds all got together to compare notes and realized Frank has multiple deals with people. Not good. C’mon Frank. That’s a noob mistake. You’re better than this, get your act together.

I have an appt with the eye doctor, so I’m not going to actually begin live blogging until I return, but for the past 30 minutes or so  (as of 12:30 pst), Corey and Paulie have been laying in bed either basking after a hot session, or talking game. Just kidding, they were talking game. Part of that game talk was mentioning how Frank has to go soon, and they were counting the numbers after that. Despite realizing they’re already down 3 guys as of tomorrow, they’re seriously considering making a move to get him out. Smart, right? On the bright side, the odds are ever increasing that a girl will win the first season since BB13.

I’d like to say I’m shocked about the weird moves everyone is making, but I’m not. It actually feels like I’m watching Derrick and Cody sit around as the house tears each other apart. Ironically, Paulie is not the Cody in the situation, he’s the Derrick. Corey is acting more of the Cody in the situation. That said, no matter how good they play, once you get to a certain level, it just becomes a numbers game. Day has been playing a really solid game, and she’s in a house full of girls who are all about ‘girl power’. She knows it, and she is most certainly going to take advantage of this when the time comes to get votes against guys.

So, that is a brief update on the house. As I said, I’ll be live blogging when I return, it will be in this thread, and I will update facebook and twitter when I actually begin…


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  • 3:40pm – Ok, I’m back. Eyeglasses are expensive. Screw that.
    • As far as the feeds, nothing is going on right now. Just a bunch of random conversations on different feeds.  I’ll flashback to see if anything happened while I was out
  • 4:30pm – Natalie is in bed talking to Frank and Gidget who are in a different bed (shoutout to the comment section for Gidget).
    • Natalie is going on and on about.. guess who?  Victor!  Frank is shocked because Vic seems to think he has the votes
    • Frank is joking about Victor. He said last night he was training the girls with a sweatshirt on, but he realized the cameras were probably on him, so he took his shirt off even though it was like 65 degrees
  • 6:15pm – Corey and Paulie are up in the HoH room again.
    • Nicole enters. Tells them how Michelle just freaked out on Gidget a little. She yelled something about a spy. Looks like I missed a bit between my eye appt and a nap
    • Corey wants to start a side alliance and start steamrolling people. Those three, and Z (the showmance crew I guess)
    • Paulie mentions how they have to get Frank out soon. Corey thinks someone from each team can throw the HoH, and give Tiff HoH. She can then backdoor Frank.
    • Paulie says he thinks they should go for a shot, and Nicole quickly says ‘But you can’t miss’. This is true
  • 6:30pm – Switch to Natalie cam, and they’re all talking about how they’re happy Victor is leaving.  So, pretty much exactly what they’ve been talking about for 3 days now.
    • After 15 minutes of casual talking, Tiff, Bronte, Vactor, and Paul have joined the HoH room.
    • Paul suggests having an orgy because the house is so slow
  • 6:50pm – Be back in an hour, going to watch the veto episode on CBS
  • 7:40pm – Back. James and Natalie are sleeping, while a few are around the kitchen cooking. What did you think of the veto episode tonight?  I do love Da’Vonne’s DR sessions. One of the reasons I like watching the CBS episodes despite knowing like 95% of what happened.
    • Another thing, I wonder how many times they do the veto speech. They have said numerous times that they made Tiffany redo hers because she closed with something like “May the 4th be with you”, but they were also talking about something big Bronte said. I think they mentioned how she called herself a big competitor or something that put a bigger target on her head, but obviously that wasn’t the case in the episode. Weird
  • 8:00pm – Nicole and Bronte share a private moment in the bathroom clearing a few things up. Nicole said that she was scared that Bronte was gunning after her. Bronte says ‘no way’ and she isn’t going to be friends with Jozea out of this house.  They hug it out.
    • nicole-bronte
    • Just James staring at a photo of Natalie. Nothing creepy
  • 8:20pm – After staring at Natalie’s photo, James sits with Day for some whispers
    • Day asks about Frank, and James says Frank wants Tiffany then Corey or Paulie out.  Things getting interesting
    • They whisper something, but between Paul and Frank in the other room, I couldn’t hear anything. Something about trying to get Nicole alone and seeing where she’s at
    • Nicole enters and has casual talk in the kitchen and says she’s tired all the time. James says under his breath ‘you shouldn’t be in the HoH room all the time’ .. salty
    • I guess Paul put a condom in Bronte’s bed. She’s been chasing him around the house trying to get him to eat a cookie so he gets a penalty vote (he’s a havenot)
  • 8:50pm – In a different room, Tiffany asks why Corey and Paulie think Frank was gunning after them.  Day asks how she heard it, and she said Z told Corey. Day’s reply “Oh, shit.  Oh, shit…. so… oh, shit”
    • Day says that James and Frank were talking and that during a double eviction, if the HoH is a wall comp, James has a good chance of winning. If so, put up Corey and Paulie, but that was said in confidence. And Z overheard it and run upstairs and told Paulie. Uh oh
    • Tiffany said she asked Paulie, and she said he scrambled, but didn’t know what to say.
    • Day is not happy at all about Z telling Paulie. This could get interesting
    • Both girls are upset and need to tell Michelle. They feel like Nicole and Z are getting sidetracked by showmances
    • Day called to DR, so we’re back to boring conversation
  • 9:45pm – Day and Paulie are up in the HoH room. Let’s see how this turns out…
    • Sounds like Paulie is trying to get himself into whatever group Day has
    • She asks him how he feels about Frank. Paulie says he feels Frank is all over the place. Talking to everyone. Talking to the wrong people
    • Now they’re talking about how Frank has smacked Z’s butt. Day said he has said a lot of things like calling her a slut (jokingly, but still rude)
  • 10:07pm – After a fairly quick talk, they agree on a bunch of stuff that likely won’t come to pass. One thing that will happen is Frank is going to be a target soon. Whether or not Day actually works with Paulie more than 10 minutes is another question.
    • After the conversation breaks up, we’re back to scattered conversations
    • Another booze delivery. They really want to spice this cast up
    • Nevermind, I think Natalie was joking
  • 10:22pm – A bit tired, and prepared for the feeds to hopefully pick up tomorrow going into the weekend.

Overnight in the morning

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