It’s Wednesday, You Know What That Means!

Melissa and Joey

Melissa and JoeyMelissa and Joey is on tonight!!!   Oh that’s right, I’d rather shampoo my head with razor blades while taking a vinegar shower.  There is something else on..  yes, Big Brother13!   Tonight is the first (official) veto ceremony of the season, and if you don’t already have the spoilers, you will find out who wins, and whether or not they chose to use it!

You will also be able to hear the likely very brief reason why Dick left the show, which will probably give us about as many answers as his video did.  In fact, I’m expecting something along the lines of telling us he left for personal reasons, which I’m sure all Big Brother fans will be happy with… right?  Neither will I.  The big question is, will CBS also work in a plug for his website?

Another question will be if they cover Jeff’s ignorant remarks last night, but my guess is that won’t even be considered and those without live feeds will never know the level of stupidity was going on last night with him.    Shameless plug, if you don’t have live feeds, what are you waiting for?  Get them here already!

I might be doing some live feed blogging, or chatting about it on my twitter account through the day, so make sure you follow me here or through twitter!

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