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Week 1 Recap – Small Update

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This is going to be a pretty small update as the feeds have only been live for a few days so there isn’t as much to report on as usual.

Despite a very early entertaining twist by putting Sam as a robot, the novelty has worn off with the fans and people are overwhelmingly sick of it and feel bad she was screwed this way. I do agree, but a different way to look at it is that others have had it worse and Sam at least has two weeks to build bonds and save herself. Think of the people who were only there a few hours before the twist ended their game. I’m sure Sam’s pleasant tone (excluding veto competitions, apparently) has people feeling worse for her than if someone annoying were behind the screen.

However, when you compare the punishments between Sam and Kaycee, it’s clear Sam got the huge raw end of that outcome. Kaycee’s punishment can hardly be considered a punishment considering her spinning thing almost never goes off. It likely never goes off because it was a pretty stupid concept to begin with unless she would be put in very weird situations like being stuck in the shower for an hour (which definitely wouldn’t happen for many reasons). All she really has to do is avoid going in rooms like the HN room or the back backroom and she’ll generally be part of any conversation or close enough to listen in.


So far there has been only one major alliance formed with an official name.  The ‘level 6’ alliance of Winston, Brett, Angela, Kaycee, Rachel, and Tyler.


As expected, the rest of the house has yet to really form anything solid and with two fairly weak players on the block this week, desperation mode has not kicked in to see if they’ll actually form anything.  There are a bunch of handshake ‘final 2’ deals but those come and go way too soon for me to even talk about now.


This is another slow moving part of the game with a lot of flirting but not much action. Chris “Swaggy” and Bayleigh have been fooling around a little, but he’s also up the ass of Haleigh so I’m not expecting anything longterm to come from this yet. If anything, I predict more drama than romance between these two as the season progresses.

There is also plenty of flirting in the level 6 alliance as it’s hard to keep track of the crushes. Angela and Winston seem to be closing in on something and Rachel has been pretty flirty with Brett. Kaitlyn had a crush on Faysal but that may already be wearing away. So far this season, the girls have been a bit more open with their potential showmance feelings than the guys who have kept things closer to their chest.


There is not a whole lot to report on this front. Very quiet week with virtually no fighting. This will obviously change as the season goes on, but we clearly have one of the casts that at least pretends to be friends at first before trying to slit their throats.  The house divide is too huge to not have a few big blowups this season.


A bit slow of a first week but anyone who has watched this game knows that slower early times often lead to massive drama later on. The more these people feel they trust each other early on means the more hurt they’ll be later on when people are betrayed. Sam got a raw deal, but she also did get a power to save herself if she uses it.  She apparently has around 4 weeks to use the power, and if she doesn’t use it this week to save herself, well, probably deserves to go.

The veto meeting could be today or tomorrow. Faysal isn’t expected to use it but Sam/Steve are also not expecting it to be used, so I don’t predict much drama when it happens. I am going to be working outside a bit today but I will have a post later on to discuss today’s feeds! I need to make up some money from all I lost yesterday.

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