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What Will Paulie Tell Victor To Do This Week?

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We finally got an endurance competition shown on the feeds. I can’t believe it! Thank you Big Brother for not screwing us again.

That was a pretty exciting competition. If you can ignore the endless whining by Natalie trying to win the HoH. Look, I understand pulling out all the stops to win, but that was getting pathetic. Natalie did a great job, but begging Victor to just give it to her, especially after she humiliated him on national TV was ballsy. There was no way he was going to simply hand that over to her, no matter how bad she tried to make him feel. Just not going to happen.

It was also a bit classy of him to jump down on top of her and give her the first hug for hanging in as long as she could. James may have been jealous by that, but it was a nice moment in the house.


Also, I want to thank everyone who has donated to my trip. I am humbled not only by the donations, but the amazing compliments I’ve received. Amy, Melinda and I work hard to keep you guys updated as much as possible, so it’s always amazing to hear people say how much they love our updates.  Even if one of the compliments is in reference to being a fan like Kathy Bates in ‘Misery’ 🙂  (seriously, that was probably my favorite comment I’ve received in awhile)


  • 9:10pm – Paul has already said Victor is putting up Michelle and Z, with Z being the target
    • Meanwhile, Vic is in the kitchen talking about the competition and saying “What do you think, I don’t love my mom just as much as you do??”.  This is in reference to Natalie constantly talking about how she needs to see a picture of her mother.
  • 9:20pm – The future nominees are talking in the shower about how blindsided they feel with the Da’ situation.  Michelle tells Z she thinks Z is safe this week (she’s not), but she’ll be going on the block (they both will)
    • Michelle begins crying. That didn’t take long.  Now we just need some puke and I’ll get what I missed while getting tacos.
  • 9:45pm – Paul approaches a crying Michelle in the bedroom. He is playing off as betrayed. She is saying she is as well. She doesn’t know why she wasn’t told, and feels so alone
    • He plays along with the ‘poor me’ approach to make her feel better
  • 10:05pm – He leaves and joins Nicole/Corey. He lets them know that the noms will likely be Michelle/Z
    • Nicole leaves to clear the air with Michelle
    • She tells Michelle that she had a talk with Da’ and explained that they couldn’t work together.  The reason she didn’t tell Michelle about it is because Michelle would have freaked
    • Michelle is crying over and over because she apparently made some comment about some shit that I forgot (it really is dumb). Now she thinks she’s going home because of it
    • Michelle  = “Paul and Z are holding it together”… well yea, Paul is lol. He was in on it
  • 10:20pm – Paulie is already working Victor on getting Z out.
    • He asks who he thinks should go, and while Bridgette and Victor both lean toward Michelle, Paulie brings up reasons why he thinks Z is more dangerous. She is more dangerous, to Paulie. He doesn’t want the showmance target on his back. Plus, she knows too much about him. True gentleman.
    • victor
  • 10:30pm – Michelle has joined Corey, James, and Natalie in a better mood. She is trying to fit in and not stress.  Now they’re talking about puke. Awesome.
  • 11:00pm – Paulie is talking to Z. He is saying they realized how Natalie’s game was when she was begging and begging for HoH, claiming she was going to fall, then stayed up another 20 or so minutes.


House is just waiting for HoH room, and I am tired.  Overnight in the morning!

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