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Wild Afternoon In The Big Brother House!

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In my live feed update thread, I said there was a lot of potential for drama but the house was acting oddly happy and calm. I guess the house heard me because things got fired up today!

I’m going to try my best to recap it without sounding like I’m taking any sides. Why?  Trust me, I don’t give a shit if I sound like I have a favorite in this house (I don’t), and it isn’t a requirement of a blogger to remain unbiased.  The reason I am going to avoid taking sides is that both sides were terrible today.


It began with a jab by Jessica to Josh where she was trying to make fun of his intelligence.  Josh joked that the reason there is a drought in California is due to Matt’s showers.  Jessica jumped in and asked him to spell drought, which he did.  Naturally, this pissed off Josh who went outside to vent, but he did it to the person who is benefiting from any drama not involving him – Paul. After venting for a bit, Paul half joked that Josh should ask her how to spell eviction.  Josh loved it and ran inside to do so.  To Paul’s credit, it was a decent jab back and Jessica just told him to shut the fuck up before Josh went back outside to celebrate his minor victory and move on.  End of story.

Right?  Not in this house!  After working himself up once again outside, Josh decided to go back in for round 2.


Jessica immediately tries to shut Josh down and says she isn’t in the mood for this today and to just get out of her face. Josh doesn’t listen so Cody gets angry and threatens him outside the house.  Well, first he said that Josh only acts that way because he’s protected by production, but try that shit outside. Josh continues to ask why they’re making it personal and it’s “just a game”, so Cody and Jessica keep going at him. Cody calls him fat and tells him he waddles around the house. Josh repeats his other phrase which was “when you get out and watch this, you’ll feel stupid” to which Cody and Jess agree they won’t because they don’t give a shit. Josh says that he never says bad things about the two (hmm) but Cody replied that he completely destroys Josh in the DR.

Analysis – Round 2 was worthless, but Cody and Jess took a lot of shots below the belt.  I’m sure the judges will be deducting points for that.

Josh leaves and comes back in again for round 3.


Josh comes back in and opens with a combo of his two lines “This is just a game” and “watch when you see these tapes you’ll feel stupid” and Jessica took a quick jab back and said once again that she won’t.  He said that he’s living the dream as HoH and she’s going home on Thursday (this was his third goto phrase) which Jessica shut down by saying she is looking forward to it because she doesn’t want to be in the house with him any longer and loves her life outside.  At this point, Cody has been tamed so he is basically out of it, but Jessica continues by saying Josh lucked into the HoH competition and she really doesn’t care what happens this week. She wishes today was Thursday so she can leave already. Josh says Cody ruined her game and her reply was that the only reason people keep him in the house is because he’s a moron who does whatever they say (minus the moron part, she’s right).  Jessica takes a low blow at correcting Josh saying he has to “obtain a conversation with people” which was obviously an error due to English not being his first language. Whatever. It’s getting dirty.


Josh continues with his lines but then drops in how Cody’s face is so ugly and then Jessica had a meltdown of her own by smashing the wooden spoon against the counter then her cup to mock Josh’s bashing of pots and pans. Josh repeats over and over that after Thursday, Jessica will get no more airtime before finally sitting down to calm himself.  After a few minutes he heads up in the HoH room to cry.  For the record, he claims he was crying over what Cody said about him in the DR.  He said he knew people must have been trashing him on TV because of the way his mother wrote her letter.  Paul takes this opportunity to run upstairs and tell Josh he was 100% right, he wasn’t insulting (he was), and Jessica and Cody are the only ones who looked bad (they all did). He also decided to take the opportunity to shit on Mark who was not in the room by saying Mark didn’t even break up the fight (??).  More people enter the room to see how Josh is doing, and when Mark comes up to check on him, Josh kicks him out  (exactly what Paul wanted).

The HoH room sat around for awhile pumping Josh back up before heading into the apple room to talk to each other. This is when Paul decided once again to bring Mark into the conversation and start blaming him for not breaking up the fight that everyone else was standing around watching. Mark was taken back by it and the two go back and forth for awhile with Paul hammering home that Mark should have done something because Cody called Josh fat.

Josh pops his head in the room and says he’s not holding back for the next 2 days.  Paul says ‘go for it’.  Josh leaves and gets the pots and pans to harrass Cody and Jessice who are now outside.

Cody charges at Josh saying he’s going to rip the pans out of his hands and the feeds cut.  When they returned, everything was calmed down and Jess/Cody were alone in the bedroom… yet Paul was still lecturing Mark for not stopping a fight from across the house.

So there you have it. In this fight, nobody was right.  Jessica started it, Josh took a fair shot back, but then kept going back for more. This is 50 days of frustration built up by everyone and I’m not sure how Cody is going to stay in the house after Thursday without punching Josh.   What do you think about the fight?

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